Ever had this quandry on ebay?

  1. Mods, sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place..but..if you sell a Bbag on eBay and you do not hear from the winning Bidder despite emailing her/him numerous times, how many days/weeks do you have to wait before re-listing it? TIA
  2. I think this should go the eBay forum
  3. Hello. Did you specify that payment must be recieved within _______ days? If not, BASED ON THE BUYERS FEEDBACK, I typically give 72 hours and relist. If the buyer has negative feedback especially for not paying or no feedback, I may relist in 48 hours. Either way if you relist and sell the 2nd time you will recieve a credit for your relisting fees. Lastly, submit a non-payment notice to eBay so you are not charged the final value fee. This is the fee that is assessed as soon as your item sells regardless of payment. The process for a refund of your FVF (Final Value Fee) takes 14 days of back and forth processing. Sorry for the bum buyer.... it happens though:tdown:.
  4. I always wait a week, even though my listings say 3 days. I would never re-list before then, unless I knew for certain the buyer was backing out.
  5. I believe that the buyer has 7 days to pay per ebay policy. I always put on my listings that I would appreciate payment within 3 days, and most people do follow that request.
  6. When you will relist the item, don't forget to file a NPB (non-paying bidder) so you can get eBay to return you the end-of-sale fee... you lost time already, try losing less money.

    Here is the NPB filing link for your easy reference:

  7. OlilO,BellaShoes,Jayne1,LVRawks..thanks SO much for the primo advice and link..I will follow every suggestion and LEARN from this..:heart:
  8. Ebay allows 7 days to pay, then on the eighth day you can file a NPB. Then ebay gives them 7 more days to respond. I would not relist until the you go through the process or the "buyer" can turn around and report you as a NPS. Good luck
  9. Quilter, this is so lame that this happened to you! I just despise non paying bidders. I just don't get it. That is a quick way to get yourself some bad kharma, just don't pay someone the money you owe them!

    Bummer, keep us updated.