Ever had someone ask if your Gucci is a "Guess?" item?

  1. I have the larger band twirly Gucci watch which I love to pieces. So the other day I was wearing it and this girl commented on how cute it was and asked if it was a "Guess?" watch. :wtf:

    I told her no, that it was a Gucci and she said she thought it was "Guess?" because of all the "Gs" all over it. Sheesh...
  2. That's too funny! I noticed that Guess is making their handbags and small items to look like Gucci, so I see where she is coming from. I'm sure your watch looks stunning!
  3. Well, for me it's the other way around. When I used to carry Guess bags back in the days, they think it's Gucci.:roflmfao: Then I have to correct them.
  4. lol! That was funny!
  5. Thats was pretty funny...

    And Guess actually change so much logo that we don't know when they will make them look exactly like gucci...
    And for those who know nothing about gucci, they might mistaken it as Guess.. haha! who knows?
  6. I used to have a Nine West bag when I first started wearing purses, and I guess it might've looked like a designer purse to a guy, who knows... but one day, some random guy asked me if it was "authentic"... when I asked them what he meant, he just kept asking if it was "authentic" and how much I got it for. I eventually told him that it was Nine West, but I think he thought it was a knock-off Coach or something.

    * a little off-topic, i know, i just had to share :biggrin:
  7. lol! Sorry to hear that.
  8. I am sorry that happen to you.
  9. yes, once a coworker asked where did I buy my "guess" bag (Gucci BLONDIE Hobo) How did she dare?
  10. that happened to me once too!!!
    back when i didn't appreciate the beauty and quality of highend bags...

    a co-worker asked me if my bag was gucci...
    all i said was, "yeah right! i wish!"

    ... few months later my wish came true :smile:
  11. i noticed a few guess bags that matched the "g's" on the inside lining of one of my gucci's... that's just not right!
  12. No but there is a bowler bag on the website that says Gucci in swirly writing on it and is very similar to a Guess one
  13. I don't like Guess because their logos seem to be a 'copy-cat' of Gucci. To be honest, I'm not crazy about Gucci's logo either but I do like some of their bags. I wouldn't mind if someone asks me if my bag is Guess because I'd be glad to tell them (with a smile) "no, it's Gucci." :yes: