ever had "one of those days"?

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  1. today im having one, i woke up sad and depressed for no reason, even though i was fine yesterday. i have to go to work in an hour, i REALLY dont want to go today, i work alone and i just really dont feel like dealing with customers today. i feel gross and i have no energy . i wish i could just lie in bed all day and watch tv. sorry for the ranting, i just needed to get it out of my system.

    anyone else having one of those days?
  2. awwww I'm sorry monique *HUGS* Maybe a nice long hot shower will help...sometimes that is my escape and I feel a little bit better!
  3. thanks twiggers, i will for sure be doing that when i get home tonight.
  4. During the fall/winter time I sometimes have those days too. Hopefully you will be feeling a little bit better during the day. Big hugs and take care :heart:

    P.S. Your name sounds Dutch to me, Monique. Are you from the Netherlands?

  5. haha actually my dad was born in the netherlands so yes i am part dutch.
  6. Haha, nice to hear that I have a Dutch sister over here! ;) And I'm glad that I could make you laugh about it :tup:
  7. I feel like im always having one of 'those days'.. im not exactly thrilled with my job and Im not sure why..I also go to grad school so its so hard for me to work this annoying job and go to school.. but I need money, so I do what I have to do. I also have to work on Saturdays which gives me no freedom for the weekends.

    Also in the winter, its so cold and gets dark so early and I just get so depressed. :sad:
  8. Yep, every once in awhile. It's OK...we're allowed that sometimes! Just be extra good to yourself and maybe chat with a friend, SO or have a nice bubble bath, candles, a favorite DVD or some other treat to reward yourself getting through the work day!
  9. Yep...had one of those days last week.....I was in a real funk!!! I hate days like those...yours will pass too!! Be kind to yourself!

  10. thanks everyone for your replies, im finally home from work and feel alot better now cuz i have 3 days off :tup: tomorrow im gonna finish my christmas shopping, buy myself some boots then go to my boyfriends house for the night and relax!.