Ever had better service because of your Louis?


Sep 13, 2008
Hi all, have been lurking for a while but finally got authenticated. This board has cost me dearly this summer (LV Aquarelle Speedy and Gucci black leather Positano, with Damier Neverfull just a few weeks away...) - thanks!

Anyway, I've noticed that I've been getting better service because of my Aquarelle Speedy!

One recent example: A few weeks ago, I had an appt. for a haircut, with brow waxing immediately prior. My stylist is the creative director at this salon and his appt.s are in high demand. I arrived early, was shown to the lounge, then waited and waited and waited for the brow aesthetician. Customers were coming and going while I was being totally ignored and the time was getting a little too close to my haircut appt. for comfort.

I picked up my bag from the chair and was looking for my cell phone when one of the receptionists came to the lounge to fetch another customer. she'd been in and out half a dozen times already, but had never even looked in my direction. This time, she took one look at my bag, stopped dead in her tracks and said "OMG, I LOVE your bag." Then she asked "who are you waiting for?" and I told her that I had an appt. with Louis @ Noon but was supposed to have had my brows waxed @ 11:30 and they were apparently running late."

She said "just one sec." Went to the wall phone, made a few calls, and took me to have my haircut first. Basically for the rest of my visits she was acting like my personal concierge and as she ushered me from one area to another was asking me about my bag, sharing her love of all thing Louis, etc. ;)

So what type of "improved service" have you noticed because of your Louis?


Dec 13, 2007
I did have similar experience why SA from other store seems to be treating me better when I carry my WC speedy. But again, i didn't carry my WC speedy often enough to see the full impact!!


Oct 5, 2008
I definitely notice a difference. I'm a college student and for everyday errands I just carry my cheaper Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. No one really knows it's a designer since the bag is just solid leather. The other day I was in the mall after I purchased my Neverfull and every sales associate in stores approached me instead of me having to approach them for assistance once they saw my LV shopping bag.
Feb 8, 2008
I have noticed the difference when I walk into LV store! If I have a miu miu, gucci or prada I get a crappy service, when I walk in with my LV I get a lot more attention. How ever I haven't shopped at the store a lot so I don't have a SA that I do business with all the time.


Tinker's Realm
Apr 14, 2008
People love LV so they respond in a happier way when they see it- I do the same thing when I see one-I am like a little puppy wanting to say hi to the new owner and just say"like your bag"


Nov 28, 2006
I do notice and it upsets me a little. I do like to be treated nice but it's not fair for others who sometimes are waiting before me to be helped by an SA and the SA ignores them and asks me if I need help. This happens to me very often at the cosmetics counter at Macy's. I always tell them that the other person was there first. I know what it feels like to be ignored since I was treated this way before I started purchasing LV.


Sep 13, 2008
What has been interesting to me is that it seems to be more pronounced when I'm carrying a Louis. I've carried Fendi and Gucci bags for years and have received compliments from friends, but it is the LV bags that seem to rachet up the service level. Kind of ironic because my Gucci Positano cost a lot more than the WC Speedy...


Dec 31, 2006
i don't know if it's in my head but i do think i get better service when i carry lv. i know it shouldn't happen - service should be great regardless of what u carry - but it does. i think people assume u are more likely to purchase.


Jul 25, 2008
Yup, I know what you mean ... When I use to just walk into a store everyone used to ignore me because I'm only 18 and they think that I can't afford it but once I started wearing my LV belt, Gucci belt and Gucci messenger bag, SAs all turned my way asking me to see their new collections and what not ... It's amazing how much labels can make a difference in life!


Bag crazy
Mar 22, 2007
I had the best service the time I took my Suhali l'Tal into the store. The SA helped me lock my purse because apparently, I didn't lock it. All the SA were super nice and helpful vs the time I was in there w/o any designer bags.