Ever had a shoe stretched?

  1. I bought a pair of super cute flats, problem is that no one ever told me to buy flats a half size bigger than what you would buy in pumps...so they are too tight.
    I have been debating on taking them to a shoe repair place in town to have them stretched. Have you ever had a shoe stretched? Did it work?
  2. yeah.. recently i had two pairs of flats stretched. mbmj and tory burch. it worked wonders and both shoes are quite comfortable now. it was really cheap and was successful!
  3. I stretch shoes all the time at home ... bought a pair of wooden stretchers for about $25 on eBay, so completely worth the money!
  4. I have also stretched shoes by myself using a shoe stretcher. I bought mine off of footsmart.com. I also used some sort of alcohol-based stretching solution to help the leather stretch more easily. The solution bottle only recommends for use on dark colored shoes. Light colored shoes might show some "water marks" when stretched with the solution. You don't have to use the solution either....it just helps the process go more quickly (stretched shoes in an hour or less...however long it takes the solution to dry...instead of overnight).
  5. I also stretch my own shoes because I have a little wider than normal feet. I agree with Lori, if you can get your own stretchers and take it very slowly at first then they are worth their weight in gold!

    Oh, and yes it works! :biggrin:
  6. i never heard that shoes can be stretch with the stretchers... does doing this in your shoes didn't damage the quality of your shoes?
  7. If you do it slowly and not too much, then no it doesn't damage the shoe.
  8. yeah.. i just purchased a shoe stretcher online. my feet have always been a bit wide and i am excited to learn how to use it! i will be going very, very slowly of course :smile:
  9. Okay. So I took my flats to a shoe cobbler to have them stretched but he said most places (including his) only stretch width wise and will not do anything for the sizing of the shoe (length wise). Has anyone found luck getting someone to stretch them length wise or should I discontinue my search?
  10. I have done my own stretching. As a matter of fact, I stretched some flats I bought a couple days ago. It worked, no more pain!
  11. I'd have to agree, I can't imagine logistically how you could stretch shoes lengthwise.
  12. me too :smile:
  13. i bought my shoe stretchers at target for $14..saves time breaking them in..i spray it with some alcohol first so t can stretch faster(it's a trick my SA at NM taught me:smile:)