Ever had a rude comment by a stranger?!

  1. While on vacation in TN over Christmas, I was at Dollywood with my DH and 4 kids. I got on a kiddie ride with one of my sons and the worker said, "you can't have a bag with you on this ride". I called to DH and gave him my LV to hold. When I came back to my seat she said, "You must not be from anywhere around here". I told her nicely that I was from PA. She said she knew it because no one cares about the status of an LV around there. I was insulted! I didn't say anything but I still can't get over how incredibly rude she was!!! Anyone have a similar story??

  2. Oh my, that is so nasty. Since when did her opinion represent the whole region...
  3. I could make a comment about carnival workers, but i will bite my tongue....lol
  4. What does she think, when people travel they take all their stuff out of their purse that they normally use and put it in a junker bag to fit in with the locals? Lol jk
  5. yeah, look at the source. sorry , hope no one here works at dollywood :p
  6. These are one of those times that I wish I were a wee bit younger so I could stick out my tongue at her for her rude comment and talk sassily back to her afterwards --- probably could get away with this kind of behavior as a toddler, but must use the right decorum as an adult. LOL It's too bad you had to experience this kind of rude behavior. She must've been really jealous that you were carrying an LV in the first place!
  7. Wow that's incredibly nasty. It's like she went out of her way to be rude to you. Sounds like jealousy, or someone was having a really bad day.
  8. Ugh...how rude. I would have said something like, "Well neither do I, I carry what I like."
  9. That worker made such an ignorant comment, I probably would have responded by laughing at her. :p
  10. The truth of the matter----pure jealousy!!! Still no reason to be rude, when she just as easily could have said "nice bag."
  11. so sorry this happened to you..unbelievable
  12. how rude!!!!

    i am so sorry.....i bet you wanted to do :bagslap: this to her!!!!!
  13. If she and "no one in all of TN" cared about the status of an LV (which is a ridiculous generalization) she wouldn't have taken the time to comment... obviously she cared quite a bit!
  14. What a b!tch!!! Chalk it up to jealousy!
  15. I was at the airport inline to get my bags checked in and a kid points to my bag (mc speedy) and tells his dad something about it. I just ignored him. When I was walking away the dad says out loud "why would anyone pay $1,000 for a bag?" I turned around and said it's a $1,500.00 bag, and walked away.