Ever had a purse STOLEN!?

  1. i haven't but I have left a purse behind at resataunt years ago..have u had a purse stolen??? i cant even imagine how that must feel
  2. Nope...I keep better track of that thing than I do my own kid sometimes!
  3. That would suck! I couldn't imagine it either.
    It happened in my town a couple of months ago. The woman got caught (partially because this is a small town only 40,000 people). She straight took it from another woman on the street! I didn't even think that this kind of steeling still took place these days.
  4. Never. They know not to steal MY purse.
  5. Thank God, Ive never had my purse stolen.
  6. Yes during a shoe sale. I was trying on so many shoes at Bergdorf Goodmans in NYC and there were so many people around. When I went to go pay for my shoes, I couldn't find my bag. It's a good thing I know all my cc numbers by heart so I could report them stolen. I still bought the shoes!! LOL It sucked mostly because I had to walk home. It was a PITA to replace my drivers license and what not.
  7. My aunt Carol had her LV stolen in St.Maarten.....The police found it though
  8. Not my purse but had my wallet stolen. Actually, I was a freshman in college and I left my wallet behind on the sink in the bathroom. I guess I'd taken it out to retrieve another item from the bottom of my bag.

    Anyway, someone 'found' my wallet and actually used my checks!!! Oh, it was a mess. I eventually ended up having to go to court as a witness against the woman who stole my checks. She was actually an assistant in the registrars office and apparently she'd been stealing money and checks from a lot of people on campus!! CRAZY.

    I was so naive back then that I didn't even think that someone would write out my checks or use my credit card. I didn't even report my checks or credit card stolen right away! By the time I reported it to my bank the woman had already forged 6 of my checks!

    Anyway, went to court along with other people she'd stolen from as a witness and we ended up not even speaking in court. We just sat and watched the proceedings. She got off lightly IMO. She was required to pay restitution but she only got 3 years probation..with time served only being 30 days!!!

    She did pay restitution however. She wrote out 450 dollars in checks from my account made out as if I'd written the check to her.
    I also was able to get my wallet and back surprisingly. Some of the other women didn't get theirs back. I guess she liked my red 'eel skin wallet'. Remember when eel skin was in?? ... LOL

    That was years ago..and I have never lost or left anything behind or had anything stolen since thank heavens!
  9. I had a wallet stolen out of my purse in a bar. I was really pissed. I also have left a LV purse in a restaurant but luckily when I went back to get it they had picked it up and kept it on the counter for me.
  10. I had my purse stolen out of the locked trunk of my car.

    They cleaned my car out. Even the maps and the flares.

    Car content theft is a common occurrence in Vancouver. Pity I didn't know because I had just moved there.
  11. I once had a coin purse stolen, does that count? It was in the metro and I was sure I had put it somewhere secure, but it wasn't there when I got home.. I only had the equivalent of $40 in it, but it was still annoying..
  12. The worst part about having your wallet stolen is that you no longer have an 'identity'. At least I felt like I did not when my wallet was gone. My student ID was in that wallet, my license, my SS card, my credit card (I only had one in college) and my checks and bank card! Thank heavens this was all WAY before identity theft was so rampant! That woman could have become ME if she wanted to!

    I had to go get all of those things over again. It was a mess! I had to run all over the place........ I wouldn't wish it on anyone!
  13. 12 years ago I had my purse stolen out of my car. I had run in a Taco Bell to use the rest room and in less than 5 minutes the thief's broke into the car and stole it in broad daylight. Fortunately, I had taken my wallet with me to buy a coke and it was back before I had expensive bags. I was still very pissed off.:cursing:
  14. Nope. However, I wonder if I would be more devestated by losing the actual bag or the money in it.
  15. I had my wallet stolen once. I had it in my backpack when I got out of the cab at the train station, and in the short walk to the train, the thief had popped the buckle, untied the drawstring, pulled open the backpack, unzipped the inside pocket and took out the wallet. All without my knowing. I had about $100 in there, luckily nothing else (I was travelling).

    I was pretty pissed, but I have to say, that's one skillful thief.