Ever had a "Grapple"?

  1. I'm having one now and it's amazing. It's an apple that tastes like sweet grapes! What a world we live in. :blink:
  2. A grape snapple makes a grapple??
  3. No, it's an actual fruit. It's a new variety of apple that tastes like grapes.
  4. Woah, I've yet to see this but I must have it !
  5. Hmm...I've never seen these. My mind went to the gutter when I saw the title and I thought it was something like a grope! LOL!
  6. I've never heard of "grapples" before! I want to try one.
  7. Mmm, sounds yummy! I hope they end up at my local supermarket. Where did you come across them?
  8. I've seen them before at my grocery store, just have yet to try them, know i think i will :smile:
    they're usually by the apples in the fruit section.
  9. Grapples are a waste of money. It's just an apple soaked in grape flavoring. So whatever sugars and additives are in the grape juice are put into the apple.
  10. Is that how they do it? I actually bought these by accident...they were right next to the Fuji's which was what I thought I was buying. They're very sweet and tasty, though.
  11. MMM sounds good! I will be on the lookout next time I go grocery shopping
  12. Sounds delicious, at first I thought it was a Snapple flavor! :amuse:
  13. Yes, that's how they do it. There's a link here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grapple_%28fruit%29

    and here:

    Basically, take your apple & dip it in a glass of grape juice, and there you go.

    I thought they smelled very good, but I didn't like the taste. I thought they were too mealy and soft from being soaked in the juice. I like my apples crispy.
  14. I found that it smelled more like grapes than tasting of grapes. But the smell is absolutely divine!
  15. I love those! A bit steep for a 4 pack but so worth it. :smile: Great, now I want some...