Ever had a day where you'd just wish things would stay that way....

  1. Ever had one of those days? where everything seemed good enough and you just wished it would last but you know in your heart that it things will turn "bad" again?

    today was a good day ... not so much that I had a really good day but more that things were just peaceful.

    I spent the day with family to celebrate a birthday .... and everyone just got along and was nice to each other... :tup:everyone joked, had conversations, laughed... got along... no one got into any mean or *****y rampage, the fit-throwers didn't throw a fit, the self-victimizing ones didn't try to convince you they were so pitiful ...

    right now, i'm sitting here, wishing that they would all be like this most of the time. That they would be nice to each other, act responsibly and act mature according to their age....

    and yet i know, that this is pure wishful thinking. and that tomorrow and the days and weeks after, everyone will go back to their dysfunctional ways...

    Why? why can't they just be nice to each other and THINK about what they do and be responsible people!??!:confused1:

    their normal dysfunctional ways makes me depressed and stressed. I often feel like i need to be physically away from their nonsense even though i'd like to be there for them and spend more time with them. :sad:

    just going through one of those down periods :tdown:
  2. don't worry - you are not alone. plenty of times I just thought: now why can't it just be like this always? every time i make the effort to keep that way it just gets thrown back into my face....

    what to do....
  3. Yessssss! I remember I once had this day where everything that happened was perfect. It was completely amazing but of course it didn't last forever.

    But you know - sorry to be a "half-glass full girl" - but if we didn't have the bad days then the good days wouldn't be as "good". KWIM?
  4. It shows that there are days where family can be nice and actually get along. At least you will have a memory of such a wonderful day. All families have drama and it might make life a bit boring if they didn't.
  5. It really is a cycle. Sometimes I want to freeze time just to get a break from drama. I feel you bubbles.:girlsigh:
  6. Yep, I've had absolutely blissful days like that too. In dealing with my recent breakup I've been reflecting a lot on really great memories...times with our families, friends, trips we took together, times just cooking in the kitchen and laughing. But then I remember the reasons why I had to call it off and I just realize I have to savor those memories for what they are and know that a future with him was not meant to be.
  7. you know i don't know if i'll remember this day X yrs from now... and say, ah that was a good time... cos it seems a little delusional?

    cos all the other days you're dealing with family not getting along

    WHY can't ppl just behave and get their act in order?!?! :noggin:

    OK on a separate note, between the time i posted this thread and now, i sent out one email. sounds stupid but at least i accomplished one thing and did not procrastinate it further.... talk about BABY steps!!!:tispy:
  8. lol you´re in a Hamlet mood today, hunny, asking questions vital for humanity, but impossible to answer i guess ( i have a possible answer, its starts with "because most of them are...and i cant quote any longer there is too many vulgar and rude words following! )

    wishing u as many peaceful days as possible girlie :heart:( u dont wanna drag your a*s with us for some peaceful
    shopping in paris by any chance ? ;) )
  9. I wish :sad: Today was rotten. I worked really hard to assemble a family vacation for my Mom, Dad, sister and I. I mean it took me weeks to do, and it was my idea, because my family has never been on a vacation together, just us. Big deal to me, because I graduate in May of next year, and I wanted to do it just once, just once before I leave school.

    I had to beg my sister to go; she's really socially-oriented at her college, and puts her friends before anything else; she didn't want to leave for the trip but I talked her into it after a while. My Mom complained I was using up the last of her vacation days (she's already been on 4 vacations this summer already). Dad said okay without issue, so we leased out a house in a lovely area. I've been so excited about it...

    Then today, I get a call from my Dad that just broke me: he canceled my trip. He said he didn't want to "deal" with my Mom and sister for a week, because of their constant bickering. Didn't even ask me, just canceled it :crybaby:I'm so sad right now I don't know what to do. I haven't been on a vacation at all in three years, and all I wanted was one family vacation. I just don't know what to do now. For once I had something to look forward to during summer. I wish that just for a week, my family could get along and we could have a good time, but apparently no one is willing to give it a try. Normally I put more faith in my Dad, but this time he really disappointed me.
  10. yes, sometimes i fear the future and what it will bring. i want to keep my family happy and healthy forever.

    i am learning that life is short, and the goodtimes should be enjoyed and relished.
  11. We all have those days Bubbles. The summer is great b/c my kids have no pressures and therefore they have no crap to take out on me. As far as anyone else goes, family or not, I try to keep toxic people at arms length. Of course, that mostly includes my husband's family LOL!
  12. i know what you're talking about, bubbles...there are several days recently when stuff just collapsed around me, and i look back and wonder why stuff couldn't just stay like it had been the day before. i'd probably be in a relationship that i really want to be in right now if it had.

    and now i feel like pooey...
  13. Haven't had one of those good days for a while now. Not so much with my parents (we've grown a wonderful relationship ever since a dramatic incident some years ago); but with my aunts and such. One of them seems to be on my case all the time, criticising everything I do.

    I don't even care anymore. As long as I have my Mum's and Dad's love, I have enough!
  14. I have days like these all the time. Especially when my bf and I actually have the time to spend the whole day with each other without fighting! It's great!
  15. LoL yeah... i know they are no answers or solutions to my big life humanity questions ... LOL

    i just get irritated. its like, Ok you can behave for 1 day, why can't you just behave for 90% of the time or, ok i won't be greedy 50% of the time!??!

    OHHHHHHH PAAAARIS Natalia!! OH i SO WANNA go with you!!! i wonder if i could squeeze into your luggage and pass off .... Hehehhe .... it's been 10 yrs since i visited paris and i so want to go back ....:love: