Ever had a Coach bag break?

  1. I'm so disappointed! I've been obsessed with Coach bags for about 4 years now and they've always been great quality-wise. I usually buy my bags from the retail stores and the first one I ever got (for my birthday actually :smile: ) is almost 4 years old and it looks brand new! I made my first outlet purchase this summer in July and it was a large pink soho bag. Last month while shopping the seams just kind of burst and part of the handle came out because the stitching fell apart. I could not believe it!! I had the bag for slightly less than 2 months and it just broke so easily. I don't understand why because I didn't even have much in it other than my wallet and cell phone so it wasn't like it was very heavy and couldn't handle what was inside.

    I wanted to return it or at least see what the people at the outlet would say but unfortunately I bought it in NY and now I am out in Hawaii for college and won't be back home until December. This is terrible, I loved that bag too!

    Has anyone ever had a problem like this with a Coach bag?
  2. You can call Coach & send it in for repair. If they can't repair it & the bag is still available they will just give you a new one, if not they will send a 40% or 60% coupon off your next bag (I'm not quite sure really what % off you get)If you do send it in for repair just call them first so they know your bag is coming & they will tell you what to do.
  3. yeah, they'll stand behind their work. flukes happen.
    just give them a call and see what they can do.
  4. Take it to one of the Hawaii stores, I know they are a little different than the normal stores but they should still be able to send it in for repair AND not charge you shipping for that.
  5. Great, thanks everyone! I would need my receipt though, wouldn't I? I'll have to have it sent to me from NY I guess.
  6. When my mom's bag broke they were able to pull up her receipt in the computer...and she didn't even buy the bag at the store we went to about it.
  7. My sister had a zipper split on a coach bag, about 9 months after she bought it. They sent her a brand new bag. :yes:
  8. I have had my Chelsea Optic start to unravel at the handle and I called coach and I am shipping it to them and they are fixing it for no charge due it just came out in August I have only had mine since september.
  9. Oh really?? Did you need a receipt or was it ok just to send the bag in?
  10. Yes, my coach bag broke in august after only getting it in april. I sent it back then and just got it back last week. I missed it so much!
  11. My zipper broke on the very first Coach bag I had bought, but I had sold it to a buyer on eBay and gave her my original receipt so she could get it fixed. I had it for a few years and carried it a lot but I'm sure she got it fixed because if she couldn't I know she would of contacted me.
  12. That's what happened to mine! The part where the leather strap was stitched to the metal ring just kind of busted. Maybe a bunch of them were faulty? I just didn't understand because I really didn't use it too many times and I never weighed it down with lots of things in it or anything.

    Well this thread is making me feel better that these things do happen (more often than I thought since I've had such good luck with my older coach bags) but at least there's a way to fix it!
  13. My bag was gift, so I don't have a receipt but I was told what to write in a note and they will for-go the $20.00 fee since I have only had my bag a month. I am going to ship it this weekend.