Ever gotten a fake bag on ebay?

  1. I was just curious since I had bought a lot of bags on eBay and all were authentic but I ususally got bags that weren't as popular and weren't faked as much. Then I joined here I had gotten a Botkier bag Bianca satchel - first of all it was filthy not as described and now I fear it may be fake - pisses me off since I got most of the stains off, it wasn't as expensive but still. I didn't think Botkiers were faked like that!!!!! I now know thanks to hear Koobas are faked but any others? :shrugs:
  2. Yup - I've gotten a fake Kate Spade sam bag and a LV Josephine purse. My fault because I didn't do the research before hand to insure authenticity, but in both cases I knew as soon as I pulled it out of the box that they were fake, without even being an expert! I was able to get my money back in both cases, although with the LV purse I had to get My Poupette and a LV store manager verify it before the stupid seller would give me my money back. It's a headache!
  3. Losers who do that. I ahve seen many fake Kate Spades , LV , Balencia's, Bulga's in New York on the streets for like 20.00. I didn't know it was illegal until recently since the cops just leave the vendors be. Especially in Chinatown fake heaven. I saw a show on the Gucci family and how fakes and bootlegging nearly ruined them in the 80's!
    Did you pay retail sailornep5 or really cheap? Not your fault since those stupid eBay execs need to make sure fakes aren't sold on their sites!! Once upon a time I thought eBay had a money back guarantee if something was proven fake purchased on thier site.
  4. I've gotten a few fakes. I got a fake Prada bag a long time ago, a fake Marc Jacobs and a fake Louis Vuitton Cerises Speedy. I also got a pair of fake Manolo Blahnik boots if you can believe it. Luckily for me, I always got my money back.
  5. fake shoes , you have got to be kidding me????
  6. yup-- fake lv when iwas first getting into lv- fake coach last summer- got my $ back for both.
  7. I got some fake seven jeans once on ebay. i gave thme to my nasty ex sister in law. I post a lot about her but she was just so nasty. jsut the person to enjoy tohse sevens. They were seven jeans not seven of all mankind like posted and the seller refused to take them back and ebay sided with him so I was out . Back then I tohught ebay wasn't allowing fakes.
  8. Fake Chloe, Prada, Luella, Jimmy Choo and a Marc Jacobs wallet, but I always purchased through buyers who accept Paypal and have received my money back.:yes:
  9. It seems likes the higher end bags are faked more but then they are faking Koobas so who knows. i love shopping on ebay but all this scamming is ruining it for me. I bring those people so much money as I am sure lots of you do and would potentially bring more if they made it a safer place. It would be so much more cost effective than this take the money and run policy they seem to favor.
  10. No, I have been lucky so far. I really don't do a lot of buying on ebay anymore...it is too scary!
  11. Sad to say, yes. A fake BV early in my BV ownership, and a fake Prada, or as my dil's mother calls them "faux Pradas". They are all rich but think it's cool to own fake designer bags---blech.:yucky:
  12. "Faux Pradas" Okayyyyy. Yes in my experince many of the very rich tote around fakes. as my dad used to tell me " thats how they stay rich and we stay poor." My dad used to tote around man bags so I know where my addiction came form.
  13. I bought a fake Coach last year about this time, it took quite some time but I eventually got my money back for it. It's BS the seller didn't get suspended though.

  14. Oh my! how does one fake a pair of shoes?!?!?!?
  15. Yep I got scammed too! I just got my first fake bag last week. I am still awaiting the outcome of my claim from paypal to get my money back. This has been my first time to recieve a fake via eBay. My fault though, I usually buy LV. (which I can spot a fake a mile away) But, I wanted a Chanel and did not do the proper research and ask lots of questiosn. Plus I bought from a new seller (feed back was 16 but, only sold one item) It sucks...but lesson learned.