Ever Gone To Drastic Measures To Get That Bag ?

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  1. I admit, now, this was a long time ago ladies !!! But I was once a " little" late with my rent because I wanted this Chanel tote bag with a matching purse so badly.

    Ive since then, learned my lesson.

    How about you ? Have you ever gone to any length or drastic measures to get that bag. (or anything else )
  2. No, I personally haven't had to missed rent, or sell a kidney, or anything like that for a bag....although with so many great things out there, I can see someone going to drastic measures to get something.
  3. Nope.. Even now I have plenty of money in all my accounts, but I'm chosing to SAVE because I know I'll need it later.. I wish I could be more irresponsible sometimes, but oooh the guilt would get to me..
  4. I stalked a bag once. :shame: In Nordstrom I looked at an Isabella Fiore and set it back down. Took two steps and someone else picked it up! I started to freak out and wanted it more than anything. But I had to wait because the woman asked the s/a to hold it for her!!!! And the hold was for 24 hours!

    I sped up there the next day (not wanting to wait for the s/a to call me) and the woman still hadn't replyed if she wanted it or not. :amazed: So if she hadn't called by noon, it would be mine and I spent 2 agonizing hours in the mall waiting to run back and grab the bag.

    I did get it though so it turned out okay.
  5. LOL!!! Which bag was it?
  6. no yet! but yeah soon maybe.... (hehehe)
  7. That was you!!!! I wondered what happened to my bag when I returned to get it and it had been sold!!!!!!!!!:evil:

    Just kidding, I couldn't resist!:biggrin:
  8. Whenever you're contemplating buying something - if you pick it up and put it down to think about it - if someone else picks it up - and heaven forbid looks like she's going to actually buy it - YOU GO BERSERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (at least I do).
  9. hehe well i live with my parents and dont work.. So i jus beg daddy until he jus buys it for me :biggrin:
  10. :lol: I do, too. I get close to becoming like the people you see on the news at Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving :lol:

    I haven't done anything crazy, besides getting into bidding wars with people on eBay.
  11. Hmmm. I'll let you know! Just bought a bag on sale today and now need a wallet to go with it and found out another bag on my list is on sale, but I am flat broke! Hubby will not even buy me anything right now either! Trying to think if I have anything worth selling I could part with!
  12. Nope, never. I always make sure I have the money and some extra for just-in-case before buying a purse.
  13. I don't think that I've gone through "desperate" measures to purchase that must have bag, but I have been known to go through the house and find items that I can sell!!!
  14. I wanted money for a LV so I waited outside a Best Buy for 13 hours in the cold to buy an xbox 360 to resell on eBay. I sold it the next day and made like $300 profit so it was worth it.

    My bf was gonna wait outside to get one and I wasn't doing anything that night, so I figured I might as well wait outside with him and make some money! I was the only girl though- with like 50 nerdy teenage boys!

    Everytime I drive by that Best Buy I look at the sidewalk and think- EWW I can't believe I slept there!! :amazed: :nuts:
  15. Smart Cookie!! I shoulda thought of that. :amuse: