ever go against your better judgment and embrace a fashion DON'T???


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
i really want to buy a pair of Uggs to wear with tights. like, really want to. i know this is a terrible idea and i shall look like an idiot. but for some reason, all of a sudden, this seems like a fantastic idea to me. i'm almost 22, so i know it won't look as ridiculous as if i was, say, 60, but i know it's a bad idea anyway. yet i think i'm going to rock it anyway.

ever do this? got some crocs you love in your closet or something? spill. make me feel better.
lol~ I cannot offer advice other than do what you want- ;)

as far as crocs go.... ugh... I thought those were the ugliest of the ugliest shoes! but then *duh* tried them on and they are soooooo comfortable.... haha~ I have a pair and DS has two pairs!
Just Do It!!

Of course, I am like twice your age, so I am not as tightly restricted by Fashion Dos and Don'ts as you more self-conscious young folks are. But Uggs look reeeeaally comfy and I don't see a problem as long as they are worn appropriately, i.e. not in high summer with a tube-top and a pair of daisy Dukes.
I was obsessed with uggs for 5 minutes, but I'm glad I didn't get a pair within that timeframe. They certainly aren't for everyone, and if you got some and wore them I wouldn't make fun of you if I saw you walking down the street unless you were wearing them with a denim miniskirt and tank top - be it dead of winter or middle of summer. Yes, people wear that outfit year round where I live. I don't get it. Not even the short boots, the tall ones that go up your calf.
I should also mention that college provides a sort of amnesia when you're done, so while you're there you should do whatever you want because after you leave, it's like a clean slate and you can start over.
Oh geez! I've done this! LOL! I only did it once b/c my legs got so cold with just the tights/leggings on. If you like it and you're comfortable with that then go for it!
Hehe, this is what ebay is for: that trendy thing we bought, wore a few times, then hocked at more than half retail value! :tup:
But seriously amanda--go for those uggs! I'm not a fan but if I ever see you wearing them, I'll think you look fab.
I had this same debate with myself....over a pair of bright pink Uggs. I bought them and LOVE them. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. I don't use them as a fashion statement, I wear them to run errands & go to the grocery store on weekends with my Juicy sweats. I can't say that I don't get odd stares every time I go out b/c I do but I don't care, for once my feet aren't killing me and frankly, I kinda like the hot pink!
Everytime I put on my Uggs I laugh, because I know I'm going to get looks (especially being in FL)...but I love them anyway. My friend and I always call them Uggly's. lol! I say do it!
LOL! I love my Uggs! I live in my chestnut classic shorts all winter (live in Maine). I don't however like Crocs, I think they are the ugliest things ever, except for some reason...I think they look adorable on little kids!
I dont go buy trends and whats "IN". I dont let fashion magazines, celebrities or other peoples opinion judge what I put on my body. Call me a snob, but it has to be like that sometimes.

When I first saw Uggs in the stores, I was not attracted to them whatsoever. however when i tried them on because I was in need of warm boots and heard about their comfort, I was shocked at how warm and comfy they are.

I still wear the Mukluks boots in brown, because they are warm and comfortable.

so, if I walk down the street and people snicker at my shoes, I say "so what"? Im comfortable and warm, and I dont dress to please other people! Jahpson comes first. LOL ok, end of rant of the day
Most real fashion experts (i.e. designers and stylists) will advise one to wear whatever makes them happy, even if other people don't like it. Most so-called fashion journalists usually just like to put others down in order to raise their own journalistic profile. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend that anyone listen to these people.

The trends are just that; transient - here today and gone tomorrow - and usually a waste of money. However, the classics stand the test of time always.

As far as Uggs go, while I wouldn't wear them, they do look damned comfortable. As far as Crocs go, they do make other styles now beside the original ones. And, some of them are actually quite fashionable looking. As a matter of fact, I was thinking of grabbing a pair of Crocs Crete or Ithaca for myself.