Ever get that sinking feeling?

  1. I saw a pair of pink Chanel 5076-H sunglasses on eBay that I had been looking for. They are very hard to find,as our Saks only gets a limited selection , so eBay was my last resort. I am so leery of fakes, I asked a ton of questions, which she answered nicely, but you could tell I pissed her off. I did a BIN on the 14th, and no communication since. I finally emailed her today to see what the hold up was-I checked her other ended auctions, and they have already gotten their items and left great feedback. I didn't want to piss her off further by emailing her, but sheesh-it's been two weeks! Auctions that ended with her on the 21st already got their items. She has 100% feedback, but I still feel leery. Anyone else experience this?
  2. Hmmm my gut says to give her the benefit of the doubt--maybe she didn't receive PayPal notification of your payment? That happens to me occasionally and people are sitting there wondering where their stuff is, but all the while I'm wondering if they are going to pay!

    Of course, if it was "immediate payment with BIN" that's not the case.

    Have you tried pulling her contact info and just calling? Since she's obviously actively shipping out stuff, it doesn't sound like she's up and vanished, thank goodness. I'd give her a call--you never know what weird email black hole might have occurred, or whatever.

    Of course, if you do not get any contact or other red flags show up, then I would definitely consider filing a PP claim soon. You have 45 days before your right to file passes, but at the same time--a seller only has 7 days to ship your item once you have paid for it. So, two weeks is a bit long to wait, unless she sent it parcel post or something.

    Last thought--it is POSSIBLE that her mailing to you has been delayed. I have a missing package right now, that I shipped on the 18th, and the PO has absolutely no idea what they have done with it. The buyer hasn't responded to my emails asking if they got the thing, and long story short--the PO says that the floods in the midwest have screwed up a lot of priority deliveries shipped in that time frame, so I should just "wait". :rolleyes:
  3. I had a pair of shoes take two weeks to get to the buyer and I sent it Priority. Luckily their buyers Post Office was really helpful when I called them - they had misplaced the box and went on a search for it. But I (the seller) had to take the initiative to call them. Hopefully your seller will be able to help you out. Yesterdayw as the first day of school here on the East Coast, too. Maybe she was busy getting ready for it.

    I hope she/he gets back to you!
  4. A seller has to ship in 7 days only if they want to be covered by paypals seller protection. The law of the Federal Trade Commision gives the seller 30days to ship.

    Just know, if you file an INR and you recieve the item and it is fake, you can no longer file a SNAD. You can only file one complaint per item. You have 45 days wait and see if she responds.

    I have had items take the "scenic route" through the mail system. The longest was sent to me in state and it took 2 weeks to recieve....go figure.

    If she has good FB, something out of the ordinary may have happened, just take a deep breath email her and wait at least 24hrs for her response. Make sure to contact her through eBay as well.

    Good luck
  5. Thanks, everyone. I have over 500 transactions with Ebay, but the last time someone took so long I never did get the item, and by the time I filed a complaint, it was too late. I am hoping it is the flooding, since it had to come from Georgia to Illinois. That is why I gave her 2 weeks before I contacted.
  6. She sent them to a guy in California, claiming it was my confirmed address!!!!!! I went into Paypal, and printed the transaction details for her, and believe me, according to them I am confirmed in Illinois, and I was the one who tranacted with her for that item. I am so stressed and ticked right now!!
  7. WOW! That is weird! Sorry this is happening to you.

    I would give her a chance to replace them, if she doesn't or can't then file a INR. If she is a good seller she will refund your money BEFORE you file if not paypal will refund all your money.

    Good luck
  8. Is there flooding in GA? I have not seen any... but, now we know that she sent to some other addy.... cannot even figure out how that is possible if she used the PayPal shipping.
  9. There isn't any in Georgia that I know of-but I just figured I would give her the benefit of the doubt, since maybe it had to travel through a flooded state to get to Illinois. She has not contacted me since I sent her proof that OUR transaction had my confirmed address, and that she obviously made a mistake shipping it to California instead of Illinois. :tdown:
  10. ^^^so sorry that happened- I can't believe you had to investigate on your own