Ever get so attached to one Bbag that you can't carry the other(s)?

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  1. Hello all,

    Since I bought my Violet Day, I cannot bring myself to carry my Black City. I even brought the City into the living room this evening and set it on the couch beside me with the intention to switch to it, but I couldn't do it! I'm glad that I like the Violet Day so much, but I spent so much money on both bags that I feel like I should be carrying them both on some sort of rotation. I know it's crazy to worry about "missing" the bag that I leave at home, but it is a concern (albeit frivolous). Does this mean that I'll never carry my Black City again? Do any of you ever feel like this?
  2. I think your honeymoon phase is still in effect for your Violet.

    lol~ I'm still there almost 4 months later! haha~~ but I understand your situation- I feel the same way when I don't use Violet--
  3. i haven't stopped using my BG Twiggy since I got it! But I think it's partly due to the fact that I'm lazy to switch bags. :sweatdrop:
  4. Enjoy your "honeymoon" with violet, black is such a classic you will eventually start rotating no pressure ;)!
  5. that's what i'm worried about too..i only have 1 right now..but when i get more will the others get use? then is it worth having more than one?! ack!
  6. I hope my honeymoon phase with my Violet Day lasts forever! But catcat is right, the black city is so classic that even if you aren't carrying it a lot right now, you eventually will.
  7. Im currently on mine with my beautiful CAFE Brief......:heart:
  8. I try to rotate my bags but there are times when I will wear the same bag for 2 weeks straight. I did this with my Mogano City, my 05 Turq Day, and currently my black Brief:smile: I think it's a phase - B-bags are just too pretty to be left sitting in the closet.
  9. ^me too but i only have 3 right now anyway. i think the 2 basic colours (black and white) get used more often than not. it's more like i rotate my clothes around the bag :lol:
  10. I enjoy rotating my bags, use each of them for about two days and i enjoy changing them very often, that's my hobby, sort of. the one i use less this month is my violet courier, i don't know why but i just don't feel very violet, i guess.
  11. Yes!!! I'm in still in love with my Plomb GGH PT and wear it 95% of the time. It goes with everything so I rarely need to switch and I love the thick leather. Yum!!!
  12. I'm still on my honeymoon with my black Work three months after I got it. I do wear my First and Oval on nights out, though.
    I got a lilac and a pink bag that are queitly waiting for the spring sunshine...
  13. I carry 1 Bbag for a month and then switch to another so they all receive some kind of lovin':p.
  14. That usually happens with whatever is the new bag of the moment. Then after a few weeks I usually go back to rotating in the older ones.
  15. Totally :yes:
    This always happens when I get something new - I can't put it down, and if I force myself to use another bag for the day, I inevitably miss it. Then comes a point when I realize that I've been using the new bag too much, and I become concerned with how much wear it's starting to show, so then I go back to rotating.
    Then other times (usually when I'm feeling unexcited about my collection and crave something new) I get into a pattern of carrying my most beaten-up Balenciaga every day, completely ignoring the others that I'm more precious about. Funny how that works. :confused1:
    At the moment having love affair with my 05 Black Work:love: