Ever get scared someone is gonna steal your bag?

  1. I've never been as cautious with my other bags that are comparable in price, but with my new B-bag, I am so protective. Last night I was walking downtown (there's a ton of homeless people) and I found myself clutching my bag in one hand with my keys and mace in the other. Then today, at 8 a.m. this lady who works in my office building was telling me that this man walked in her office and she noticed he had his hand behind his back. She was all alone, but asked him, "What's behind your back"? He had her wallet in his hand and when she caught him he handed it back to her. How creepy is that?!?! Colleagues of mine always warn me not to leave my bag on my desk like I do. So finally, I decided to keep it in my drawer. Do you all feel that carrying a nice bag, like a B-bag, makes you more of a target? I'd be quick to mace someone if they tried grabbing my bag.
  2. yes! you should definitely put your bbag in your drawer! especially if you work in large office where you do not know everyone. i'm lucky, my office is small and family like, so I don't have to worry. But yes, I am always careful w/ my bags
  3. I work in Oakland, so YES I worry! My office is small and we're all buddies, so I trust my coworkers. But walking down the street for lunch can sometimes be a little unnerving. I usually leave my B-bag at my desk and just bring my Money wallet with me.
  4. I have noticed I am protective over my bbags when I never was all that concerned before, lol! I'd think a lot of thieves might not know the value of a bbag, but would for sure grab an LV or something more commonly recognized, eh? So, I guess it depends of the thief in the end. Scary for sure about your co worker and the guy with the wallet, yikes! I don't work in an office environment, but if I did, I'd lock up all my stuff securely, even for personal info in wallets.
  5. Do any of the PF veterans here remember the story of a Bal girl here who fought off a mugger with martial arts and broke his arm or something?? She was enraged because he grabbed at her B-bag and broke a tassel! She restrained him in some kind of hold until security/cops came. Dang it, what was that PFer's username? My memory is foggy. She was a total bad-ass!!!! (and apparently a hard-core Bal girl!) Love it!

  6. WTF??!!!!!!! :wtf:

    I bow in reverence to that Pfer.
  7. Well, Bbag or not, I'm totally protective of my handbags because my wallet has been stolen twice in my lifetime. Totally violating feeling, etc. I work for the Federal Government, and even though majority of the people here have security clearances I wouldn't leave my handbag lying about unattended. I put my handbag in a drawer which I lock up. In offices where I couldn't lock up my handbag, I'd bring it along with me to meetings, conferences, etc.
  8. I agree with Blue_Hour_Girl. I would be far more worried about being mugged for my handbag in particular, if I carried Gucci, or LV, or something with a recognizable label. Bal is really understated and most people don't know how much they cost. I think if someone stole it, it would be because of what they thought was inside ($$$ or credit cards), than for the actual handbag.

    I wish you well,

  9. Bbag or not, I am pretty paranoid about my bag. Losing a precious bag will be the last thing that I will worry about. IDs, credit cards, house keys and other personal stuff are much more important than my bag.
  10. KristyDarling, I have a similar story. I was having dinner with some friends in SoHo and decided to walk back to my sister's loft instead of taking a cab. I was waiting at a cross walk and I felt someone behind me. This girl tried to yank my LV Epi Backback off of my back. I turned around and slugged her directly between the eyes and the nose. She was so surprised that I didn't just give up my bag. She ran down the street with a bloody nose.
  11. nobody where i live knows balenciaga.. i've even left my bbag in the car with the windows rolled down LOL
  12. I think anyone can get mugged at any time with any handbag, Balenciaga or not. Now, it would have to be a pretty purse savvy thief to target me specifically because they knew I was carrying a Balenciaga. :lol:

    As others have mentioned, logo'd bags would be the most obvious targets to me.
  13. I worry about it too! I would roll over and die if I lost one of my bags! You might as well cut off my arm!
  14. Someone did steal my bag! It wasn't a Balenciaga (thank God) but everything was in there! I'm very careful with my designer bags in the city. Even the most cosmopolitan fashion capitals in the world have thievery problems.
  15. Yeah.. I don't think very many people know what Balenciaga bags are [unless they are in to fashion], let alone a theif, who i assume would usually be a guy lol