Ever get picked on for what you're wearing?

  1. This evening I had a weird experience. I felt like I'd returned to high school. My DH went down to South Street for dinner before we went to a play. If you haven't been to Philly, on South Street you can get everything from a great Zagat Guide Restaurant to sex toys. A lot of college students and all walks of life are there.
    Anyway, I was wearing cheap shoes (pointy toe boots), but 7 jeans, an XOXO blouse and had my Jimmy Choo bag. We sat at a table next to two girls and a guy and the girls immediately started to ask us weird questions.
    First they started out with my husband's t-shirt-he was wearing a Jimmy Hendrix t-shirt (guitar is his hobby), then it was what we were eating, what I was drinking, etc and they even brought up sex. It really wasn't a friendly situation, it had more of a bad vibe to it.
    Luckily, both of us have had to deal with difficult people in our lives and we managed to diplomatically diffuse the situation.
    Later, when we were alone in the car, my husband said they were definitely trying to start something with us and he was happy the guy stayed out of the conversation. I said, well maybe it was what I was wearing and my husband said it probably was.
    Sorry for the long post, it was just a weird experience, and I felt the need to share it with people who understand.:sad:
    Note to self: Never wear Jimmy Choo and 7 jeans to South Street again?
  2. Were they just audibly talking about you and your hubby behind your back or to you?

    I think they were just jealous and being petty. Don't pay them any mind even though it's got to have been unnerving. Hang in there, fendigal! You're the one with class, they clearly don't!
  3. They were sort of talking to us and about us at the same time. First they said Jimmy Hendrix! Then the other girl said I thought it was Prince. Then my husband said, Yes, I get a lot of comments on this t-shirt. He was a great guitarist.
    Then we started eating our appetizer, a Jamaican chicken and shrimp dish and the one girl said "That chicken is hot", but not to us to her friend! I felt like she was acting like I was incapable of eating a hot spicy dish. It just goes on and on.
    My husband went to the restroom and one girl asked if my iced tea was a Long Island iced tea. My comment was "I wish."
  4. Yeah... after having restaurant neighbors like that! I'm sure I'd wish my iced tea was a double Long Island too! Geesh... they sound like complete dolts!
  5. Now that you bring it up, I don't think they were exactly trained in the manners department!
  6. Yeah... there are days that I wish I owned a stun-gun, but then again, I'd probably feel compelled to use it WAY TOO OFTEN!

    That really bites. What did your hubby think about the whole interchange?
  7. Well, my husband didn't lead a charmed life before he went back to school, so he said he was just waiting for the guy to say something and then that would be it. (He likes to talk big, I doubt he would do that.) He also said "girls can be meaner than guys, sometimes."
    By the way, thanks for making me feel better BalenciagaLove.
  8. Awww, you're welcome, sweetie. Your hubby is right. Girls can be particularly mean to one another. Not sure why.
  9. People can be so rude and mean at times and seems like they just want some attn from you. Don't let it ruin your night. Always remember you're so much better than these losers.
  10. I'm really blunt in these situations. I just flat out come out and say, "what the hell are you getting at exactly?"
  11. I wish I were that brave! Maybe if I had that Long Island Iced Tea after all! LOL!
  12. Right on! Well, at least I need to be more like that :shame:

    I get picked on a lot actually. I dont really follow any trends so, lol. .I guess sometimes I dress weird, but it looks cute to me!

    Once I was in an elevator and I had a presentation and I had suspenders on and the girl next to me kept staring at me so I looked at her and she (just checking me up and down all the while) with a sarcastic tone goes, "Nice suspenders. .dressed up for something?". . .you :censor:.
  13. :hysteric: Oh.... I probably would have gone off the handle at someone like that. Sometimes, I'm surprised that I'm not in jail with my temper. (Hmm... that didn't come out just right...)
  14. I definitely have gotten the "once over" look, I am pretty sure it was because of my designer bag (my one and only Hermes Kelly-it isn't new, but nice) and the fact that I stopped by the grocery store.
    This lady, however, did not look like she could kick my a--, so I just gave her the same look back.
  15. Abandonedimages, you should be able to wear anything you want! I guess since we are all kind of into fashion, these things are bound to happen. It just dawned on me!