Ever Get Nervous Before Buying A Bag?

  1. So i'm going to the boutique after work to see if they have any of the Hamptons Weekend totes in Blue left- (they said they'd be getting some in today).

    Do you ever get nervous before buying a bag?

    I'm nervous they won't have any in
    I'm nervous i will end up not liking it, or all the ones they will have will be flawed in some way (i'm super picky)
    I'm nervous they won't let me exchange my turtle keyfob (but that's a whole other story)...

    I guess i just psych myself out too much!

    And really, i'm just so excited. i've been drooling over this bag all week and just want everything to work out!

    thanks for letting me vent :smile: :sweatdrop:
  2. I get nervous sometimes that they won't have the bag I want so I usually call first. I always end up picking something I like b/c my wishlist is like a mile long, so I have back-ups if something is not in. Good luck. :smile:
  3. I get nervous sometimes, especially on the higher price purchases...

    Why would you want to trade in your adoarble lil turtle?? :nuts:
  4. Sometimes I get nervous that I'll get home and hate it or will need the money for something else.
    But the most nerve wracking this is making sure my mom doesn't see it.
  5. Why would you want to trade in your adoarble lil turtle?? :nuts:

    oh i'm just exchanging him for another turtle! mine has uneven eyes and it is driving me nuts!! :smile:
  6. OOOhhhh, that would drive me nuts too! :yes: Exchange away.
  7. I do get nervous.
  8. I get excited more than nervous. If I know I am purchasing a bag after work, it makes the day go better.
  9. yeah, that's the normal case i'd have if i were anticipating a bag. you have every normal right of all your senses to feel this way. you're just kind of preparing yourself for a disaster so it won't be much of a disaster if it does happen. good luck!!!! hope you get it and everything works out dandy
  10. I have been putting off buying the Chelsea Tote on eBay because I am afraid a week later I will find something I like better. I tend to not buy alot for that very reason.
  11. I have plans to go to the outlet on Monday and I'm definitely more excited than nervous!
  12. Lol, lucky you. It makes my day go slower because I can't wait to get off.
  13. I'm only nervous when buying something without seeing it... and because I live in the boonies, I do that often. :p
  14. I get nervous when I DON'T buy a bag. Especially when I spend a long time in a store. I'm just like "Dude, these SA's are going to hate me. I have to buy something." Horrible way to rationalize spending money, isn't it? I've always been that way though. I'm wondering if they are hating me for wasting their time, you know? LOL.
  15. it makes my day go slower too!!

    belle- i totally feel the same way. i think, oh god! they're all looking at me! better buy something! of course, i usually end up not buying anything, oh well.