Ever get an uncontrollable "buying" itch?

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  1. Or am I the only sad, sad soul that gets this way?

    Lately, I have been immersed in baby things and I just feel like running to Hermes and getting myself something. Sometimes, that darn BIN button just teases me to the point of madness. Oh, and this is the really sad part - it's not a small itch that can be scratched with a gorgeous scarf or bracelet...it's a BIG one! LOL! :p

    Help me or at least tell me you go through this once in awhile! Until then, I will blame it on pregnancy hormones and on the gorgeousness of the Bolide.
  2. oh I get that alot. its just like I gotta and nothing but something like Hermes will scratch it!

    I say to hell with it...go buy something!
  3. All the time :p I go through phases where I don't want to shop or buy anything, whether it's Hermes or not. But that usually doesn't last very long ;) Just when I thought about how I should be setting money aside for a vacation BF and I are taking in December, my SA calls today letting me know that she has an orange togo Dogon compact wallet waiting for me to take a look at this week. It never ends :rolleyes:

    If the itch won't go away, treat yourself - you deserve it! :nuts:
  4. Yes! Yes! This is great! More enabling, please!!!
  5. Ohhh, it happens all TOO much!! But hey, the mommy to be needs to treat herself!

    But the big question.........what are you craving?? :p
  6. I think the gorgeouesnes of the Bolide is calling you AuthenticLux. :heart:

    I know what you mean about the temptation to hit the BIN button now, and I am not hormonal (Well , not pregnancy hormonal , thats for sure!! :p) Its a bit like playing chicken, and I am always too scared to hit it.

  7. I blame it all on the hormone due to pregnancy. i have been buying TOO many bags impulsively since the beginning. I am glad it'll soon be over. and it doesn't help the fact that Hermes and mall are 5 minutes away from me :graucho:
  8. think how nice it would be to get out of the house, doll up a little....feel fantastic...and walk into Hermes with intent to buy and just shop away spend some time then have a nice yummy sweet after!
  9. Two things really...

    A 37cm Mou Bolide (I just love this size and style - yum)


    A 35cm Birkin, in either togo or clemence in a fun color

    I'm really craving some H color!
  10. GG, you're like the Rouge VIF clad devil (or is it angel) whispering in my ear...too fun!
  11. oh just do it and have some fun before it gets tough right before the baby comes and the months after. treat yourself now when you are feeling good and rested!
  12. Ohhh I can so identify with the BIG itch! I have one right now too and it's just driving me to distraction--and I don't even have pregnancy hormones to blame! LOL! If you need some more enabliing...I have a feeling that the husband would probably forgive any wild spending since after all, you ARE giving him a child ;) Just call it your push present--a little early.
  13. Can this itch be satisfied by something online or do you have to get it at the store? There was a gorgeous BJ 37 mou Bolide on eBay for a ridiculous $2800. Not sure if it's still there. The 37 mou Bolide is so wonderful, you can actually hug it! And it comes with a shoulder strap!:graucho: You should really treat yourself now while you have time, because after baby, who knows when you will have time. AND, you deserve it!

    BTW, I get uncontrollable itches @ every month. Then I go through a brief period of not wanting anything. It never lasts though. Especially since I found tPF!

    It is definitely NOT just you!
  14. If it itches, scratch! :graucho:
  15. I was just going to mention that bolide on e-bay - good price too!!! Go for it --