Ever found your HG at the WRONG time?


What to do, what to do!

  1. BUY IT! Dont let it get away, you might regret it!

  2. LET IT GO! If you were meant to have it, it will happen at a later time!

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  1. I am on a massive purse-ban atm - I'm at school full time for another 6 months, and then I go overseas in August, so there is noooo room for spending until the holiday is over...

    BUT... my HG is on eBay right now... :cursing:

    It's not that expensive and it's been sitting there for a week. My HG isn't a very old colour, but it's the colour that made me fall in love with Balenciaga.

    I am so torn!

    I really want to get it, but know I shouldnt - but then will I kick myself if I dont buy it and can't find it later on down the track.

    POLL TIME :sweatdrop:
  2. I am sympathizing...This has happened to me a couple of times already, and I've spent money I shouldn't, as well as held off. What I do now, is ask myself, if I'm willing to sell another loved bag in order to get the current HG. Even though the sale must be afterwards...it clarifies just how badly I want this one right now. Painful decision, but it works for me...HTH. :sweatdrop:
  3. I personally would bite the bullet & get it. Then save other ways I can. Maybe you can let go of one of your bags for this?

    If you were to let it go & would NOT fret over it EVERYDAY, then you should let it go & get it another time?
  4. fashion-cult, I feel for you. Ugh.

    I think unless you have another bag to sell to fund this one you should probably hold off and let it go. Yes, another will come up when you are more able to purchase. You have other priorities right now, and it's temporary, and they'll be more bags later.
  5. I know that I really shouldnt be getting this bag...

    It's just hard to think that you may not find it again, but then, it's an 06 colour so its possible I guess...
  6. Urgh this happens to me all the time, i've had to watch a FBF go, an Anis First, a Pumpkin Flat Messenger with pewter HW, an 04 First - because i didn't have the finds at that time, i listed bags but they didn't sell in time for me to buy the HG's. I still think about the bags that got away :crybaby:Can you approach the seller about the price? can you sell some other items not necessarily just BBags but anything sitting in your wardrobe that could make you some money?
  7. i'd get it only if it's one of those colors that appears once every couple of months or there's a long time between the times that it does show up. If you've seen it around several times then it's more likely that it'll pop up again. But i'm all for buying when the time is right, so if you feel comfortable...go for it.
  8. If it's an 06 color, I really think it will show up again. So I voted to let it go and get your other life changes in order, then get it later - maybe to celebrate finishing school or something!
  9. I think I'm going to do the responsible thing and wait it out... (cant believe I'm saying that) :push:

    I'd rather not have it than chuck it on my already massive CC bill just to stress about paying it off...

    POO :crybaby:

    I kinda want someone to BIN so I dont have a say in it :upsidedown:

  10. is the bag the '06 sapin ? Or the chocolate work ? :p
  11. This happened to me just the other day.. I ended up buying it because it was in great condition and a good price.. But...

    You need to make buying a bbag a great experience! It's not worth buying it, stressing over payment and then always feeling a pang of guilt when you look at the bag!! You want to have a great feelings associated when you wear it and look it!! That's my thoughts....

    And everyone is right.. it will come up again... Good luck!
  12. If it were me, I'd buy it now..especially if it's a rare color...and deal with the consequences later:graucho:

    But I also believe that if the bag was meant for you, then you'll end up with it anyway. But it's really hard to let go of your HG once you grab a hold of it..
  13. I'd say to let it go. You have other priorites right now and to buy something that you don't have the $$ for and adding to the already massive cc balance will not make the purchase a joyful one. I can't tell you how many times I have seen my HG's pop up only to be snapped up when I'm; 1) not home by the computer 2) no avail. $$ and 3) other expenses that need my attention more than another bag. I know how upsetting it can be, but they do eventually show up and you'll feel so much better about the purchase when you don't have all the other priorites on your shoulder.:yes:
  14. If it's a color you see pop up a lot I would let it go... If it's few and far between I would see if you have a bag you are willing to let go, BIN your HG and list another to cover it ;)
  15. Sounds like you've got your head firmly planted on your shoulders, fashion-cult! Kudos to you! Bbags are gorgeous but they are a want, not a need. Things like rent/mortgages, existing debt, bills, money for food, transport etc come first, PERIOD, whether or not it is a HG bag, latest season bag or hard-to-find bag. I am having a hard time following the above, but we know this is true! There is no point maxing out a credit card to buy a new bag if it's going to put us into much bigger debt than we can handle at this point. :smile: