ever forget you had bags in your closet???? **yummy pix**

  1. okay so I was looking in my closet today and i have all my bags in their dustbags and box's and I could NOT REMEBER what bag I had up on my top shelf, I totally forgot I had the Neverfull PM so it was cool because I felt like I got a new bag today lol

    also got a violette pochette wallet
    framboise inclusion
    and t&b cles on the way!
    LVCollec 027.JPG LVCollec 028.JPG LVCollec 030.JPG
  2. No, but I don't have many bags....only 5. Congrats on your new purchases!!
  3. Beautiful collection. Love you kitty!
  4. UUUGHHHHHHHH, I would love to to have a Ceries Keepall!!!
  5. lovely collection...:love:
  6. OMG.... you still have the plastic on some of the handles! You have never used those bags! Wow..... I could never just store them without ever using them.
  7. love yr collection...:tup::heart:
  8. great collection !
  9. That's happened to me once for with my nonLV bags. I remember exactly which LV bags I have considering I don't have that many of them. =)
  10. Lovely collection!!!!
  11. OMG... that whole collection is TD4! The Dentelle, the cerise keepall.. the Rita... lovely!!!
  12. OMG I love your Rita and Cerises keepall! Such a colourful collection! I need more colour!
  13. Loverly collections, loved the one with the whiskers the best...what is the name of that one .. Can not believe you have some still with plastic on the handles
  14. i'd love to have a cerise speedy! how did i let 2004 slip by w/out purchasing one!?

    thanks for sharing your darlings.
  15. Oh my gosh! Your collection is to die for, seriously. I'm drooling over that cerise keepall! :drool: