ever feel uncomfortable on buying your first bag? - newbite problems

  1. Hi all :smile:

    I'm new here, but already had so much help and info that I can't be grateful enough :smile:.
    I'm about to buy my first LV, but to be honest I feel a little bit uncomfortable about the whole decision.
    I'm already in a expensive hobby, as I'm a collector of dollfie dolls (as probably noone of you know what they are, short explanation. dollfie are ball jointed dolls, mostly from Japan and their prices are from ~400$ to 3000$). I own 15 already and for now it was my main hobby. but I'm also a LV fan for some time, but never bought a bag bacause I was feeling uncomfortable with owning one. I have different situation than most of you, as I'm from north Europe and there is no LV store here. the problem is also a fact, that in here the fake LV is just so often it makes me sick.

    I really love speedy look, this bag is just so clasic and amazing, but the problem is that I don't want people to look at me and think that I have a fake bag. it really isn't nice to be told that a bag is fake. also, I don't want other people to think, that I bought speedy only bacause it's one of LV cheepest. for me a bag is a usefoul thing first of all, and even if I do love some designes or a colours (white!) I would never buy it bacause I would be affraid of wearing it... and speedy is just a perfect everyday bag and I think that it's just a must have for every LV fan.

    also, I'm really looking for something that I will be able to wear for a couple of ears, because I don't like to change bags every season. I'm in love with a new watercolour collection and wanted to buy my first LV from this line, but will I be able to carry it for a long time? how do you handle with your LE from past collections? do you wear them or just keep them bacause they are not in the fashion right now?

    also, I wanted my first bag to be one that will not scream "I'M a LV", something more discret like a monogram denim or epi lather.... so many confusions, did you ever find it so hard to buy your first bag?

    ... really sorry for a long post and tons of stupid questions. hope I haven't bored you too much and will appriciate all your kindly help and suggestions :smile: !
  2. Welcome!!!!!!

    You know, the Speedy in monogram 30 is my favorite bag out of all my LVs. It's an absolutely great bag for a first LV. Don't worry too much about the fake thing. Once it gets that gorgeous honey patina, there is just no way any of the fakes that I have EVER seen can match that. Once it's a year or so old, it will be SO clear to everyone that sees it that it's real.

    Anyway - welcome and let us know what you pick!
  3. charleston-mom- thanks so much for your post. it's so nice of you to write it so quickly!

    I have arround 3 more months to make my decision, bacause I want to buy my bag when I'll be on a trip to Japan. it's my favourite place for shopping and LV stores in Tokyo are just amazing :biggrin:. but for sure I'll let you know what I've decided and before it I'll probably bother people here about my doubts...

    as I didn't owned LV I don't know what to except from patina, but I hope I'll love the "old" look of the bag :smile:

    once again thanks so much for your kind reply
  4. What do you think about the Damier Speedy? It doesn't scream LV so those who aren't familiar with Louis Vuitton probably won't recognize it and it is definitely a classic. It is also a great all-weather bag since the leather on it won't stain!

    Make sure to tell us what you end up buying! And Welcome to TPF!
  5. Sounds like you have some great interests! I think that you should buy what you love. If you adore the watercolour, wait for that. If you must have a monogram Speedy, get that. Personally I'm not a huge fan of vachetta so I only have 1 bag with that, the Azur speedy. But have you considered other types of Speedies like the mini lin or the mini lin croisette (LE)?
  6. Welcome to the Purse Forum!!!

    I vote for either the Damier Speedy or what about an Epi Speedy? The red is gorgeous!

    Good luck and let us know what you get!;)
  7. thanks so much for your interest!

    Tefhel- actually damier in brown is one I was thinking about. I was never a big fan of monogram bags :smile:

    jellybebe- ha ha! the best advice is alvays to follow your heart! I was thinking of Monogram Mini Lin, but I'm affraid that it will get dirty within one week as I'm an artist and my work isn't a "clean" place to hold a white bag. I just know that I won't be using it, bacause I will be afraid of destroing it

    RhudyTootie- those two are my favourites I must say!
  8. Oh! I'm very familiar with dollfies, most of my "cosplay" friends are into the dolls here! I don't know if you attend doll meets or anything, but I always thought it would be so cute to have a beautiful speedy in the crook of your arm, while you carry one or two of your dolls :smile:

    I wouldn't worry about people thinking your bag is fake, nor the cheapest. When I bought my Speedy 25 Damier, that thought never even crossed my mind just because I was sooo in love with the bag! It was the first bag I ever bought after working full-time so it meant even more to me :smile: Just pick one you love, and enjoy it~ So long as you love it, that's all that matters! And when it comes to costs, these bags last for ages, so so long as you find one you love, you'll get alot of use out of it!

    Good luck! Be sure to post pics :smile:
  9. I think you should get a mono speedy 25 or a damier ebene (dark brown) speedy both are classic and get more beautiful over time. The watercolor collection, in my hubble opinion would be an item that is not an everyday bag for an extended period of time. There is no doubt that either the mono speedy or damier speedy will be in style 15 years from now, so you cannot go wrong with either one. Good luck and let us know what you decide. I use to be a doll collector years ago, it was a great passion of mine!
  10. I would get something more classic like damier or azur speedy. Mini lin (ebene color) is nice too. I actually think the fabric holds up pretty well. I carried mine for a couple of months in a row throughout winter with lots of snow and salt on the streets and it didn't get dirty. It also does well in rain. I would agree that with some of the LE pieces and especially the spring line, the items wouldn't necessarily be everyday wear bags. At least thats my opinion. I say if you like something get it. There will always be someone who doesn't think your bag is real whether they say it to your face or not. If you know it's real that's what matters.
  11. thanks so much for your help. it helped alot!
  12. again, welcome!
    and i think you should never mind what other people think - if you love the style of the speedy, definitely go for it! I have the damier canvas speedy and it is SOOO carefree! I love mine.
  13. since you're from nothern europe.. i guess the weather isn't the best there anyways..

    so if you don't want something to scream LV, too, i'd recommend a damier speedy?
    or as you mentioned, maybe a epi one, maybe even the black one.
    you can wear it with anything, it has the classy shape of the speedy (since it's a speedy... err?!?!?! yeah, you know what i mean hehe) and it's not as fragile as vachetta...

    i hope you'll find something you like, or better you LoVe!
    don't worry too much about what people think about your bag...
    if YOU like it, noone else has to judge your bag ;)

    good luck on deciding!!!
  14. thanks again for your advices! people here are just so friendly and helpful!

    I'm so glad that I've forund this place :smile:
    I think I'll go for the damier with the adjustable strap :biggrin:

    can't wait!
  15. Totally agree :tup: