Ever feel self conscious when carrying Chanel?

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  1. Hi all, earlier this year I bought a jumbo - my first ever Chanel - and am thinking about giving it to my sister (who btw lives in nyc and everyone seems to have a Chanel there) because I feel a bit self conscious when carrying it. I bought the bag because it is really beautiful and thought it would fit my lifestyle but after a few months of owning the bag I'm realizing that the bag is a bit loud for me and have noticed that I am also treated differently in stores too when shopping. (I prefer being left alone when shopping at a store rather than having sales clerks hovering over me.) I tend to gravitate toward discreet labels like Goyard, BV or valextra. And, where I live, people are very understated about their wealth and tend not to wear flashy designer labels. (I have seen the 1% of the 1% carrying longchamp.) I also worry (and I know this is silly) that the bag brings unwanted potentially criminal intentions. At a mall near me, a woman who was carrying a Chanel was robbed and it was outside of a high end department store! Have any of you felt this way too?
  2. I do feel different treatment from SAs when I carry Chanel. There're ladies here who carry their Chanel bags everywhere. But I'm not the one, sometimes there are situations when Chanel is not appropriate. I get what you saying about being loud. Have you considered reissue?
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  4. there are many threads about this.. my answer is sometimes... but usually the branding for chanel is just one side so i turn it around to just look quilted if i go someplace where it doesn't 'fit' or if i feel like someone will judge. i work downtown, where homeless are just everywhere and that is the only time i feel awful carrying it.. like i have this 3K bag and they need food... but normally it's not a big deal. although i don't have the jumbo i have totes, the small cf and other clutches... perhaps just downsize from jumbo to medium or something else chanel so it's less obvious? i don't think people looking to rob are looking for Chanel since most people don't care about purses... they are just looking for targets in general and (likely) someone with a Chanel is dressed nice too, or going to a nice car, etc. it might be the whole package they are targeting and not the bag, you know?
  5. Where I work and live, Chanel is rare. I don't think anyone recognizes what I carry. I'm using my bag because it makes me happy so I'll keep using it. I don't go to any shady place though, Chanel or not, I keep myself safe.
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  6. I completely feel the same way as you do. My CF Maxi has sat in the closet since purchasing it years ago for this reason. Although we should, in theory, all be able to carry what we feel like carrying without caring what others think, I think it is natural for some of us to be affected by the looks and different treatment. I was considering selling my maxi for this reason but still don't seem to be able to part with it. I recently became interested in Reissues and just purchased my first. I definitely feel less self conscious wearing it and love it more every time I do. I wouldn't necessarily give your beautiful jumbo away though- you may regret it later!
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  7. Oh no, not me. I don't worry about what others think of me. I'm not a youngster, I think I should say. I carry my sequin & strass blingy Chanel's to the grocery story, etc.
    Regarding safety, I always Valet at the mall. I live in a city of 4 million people so I must be aware of my surroundings and take care at all times. But each to his own. If you're uncomfortable, grab your Longchamp and head to Target! :biggrin:
  8. I don't feel self conscious about any of my bags, but I live in NYC so premier designer bags are common here.
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  9. I don't feel self-conscious that people might judge me because of what I'm wearing, BUT I do feel self-conscious that thieves might rob me because I'm carrying a "branded" bag.

    The jumbo is definitely more conspicuous than the medium flap. Sometimes if I'm walking and I'm carrying the jumbo I'll flip the bag so the back pocket is facing outside instead of the CC logo because the gold hardware is quite flashy imho. I walk a lot outside as I'm currently staying in Europe. However, back in Malaysia I usually carry these kinds of bags to shopping malls/indoor places. Snatch thieves are quite common here so if I'm walking by the road I usually just take my wallet instead.

    On a separate story, I had one of my housekeeper stealing my Prada Saffiano Tote while I was away. I wanted to be angry because stealing is wrong but at the same time I thought maybe she needed the money more than I did.

    It's always quite a catch 22 situation to invest in expensive bags. However, I do really enjoy these little luxuries. I skimp on other stuff like clothes and eating out and comfort myself that my hobby isn't sports cars or luxury watches which are more expensive imho.

    I think with luxury bags once you've owned one, it's hard to go back. The quality is really different and there is little to none brand heritage. Like how when you buy a chanel flap bag you'll see there's a special compartment for her love letters and stuff like that.

    Just do what you enjoy and be street smart!
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  10. I'am also very self conscious wearing my jumbo so it stays in my closet most of the time and carry my lv damier or valentino's, gucci( no logo). My next chanel will be a reissue more discreet and less loud.
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  11. I am.
    I don't tend to like bags that clearly show off it's brand; but that chanel cc lock just gives it away ;). I've just recently bought a reissue and I really like it's understated appearance. I'm less self-conscious when wearing this.
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  12. +1.

    Another Chanel fan who is very self conscious when wearing the jumbo. I recently bought a reissue too and am seriously considering selling the black jumbo with ghw since I'm always wearing it with the back pocket on the outside so people don't see the cc turn lock but when I have to get something out of the bag, I have to flip it around to open the flap and it is just so silly!!!
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  13. i don't feel self conscious wearing my chanels. most are silver hardware and i feel that it does make a difference. it's not as loud as gold. i also have other bags for times when i feel a chanel is not appropriate. don't sell or give away your chanel. it could be your special occasion bag in case you continue to really feel self conscious wearing it everyday.
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  14. I had never thought about the reissue or flipping the bag around. During the winter I wore my Chanel under my jackets lol. Thanks for the advice everyone. I love the reissue. I just wish it had a thicker strap. I have a shoulder injury from a horseback riding accident a few years ago and thinner straps bother the shoulder I usually carry my handbags. Perhaps I'll just lend the bag to my sister. I have also seen that Chanel has come out with jumbos that are not quilted and look like the reissue so I may look into those. I agree that Chanel quality is hard to beat! I have carried a myriad of other designer bags like Tory burch and Mansur gavriel but nothing beats the quality and durability of Chanel (at least in my experience!)
  15. So sorry about your Prada! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree that you can't beat the quality of Chanel or other high end designers!