Ever Feel Ostentatious??

  1. I was at dinner with a few friends this past Friday night. I noticed that when I spoke, at least one of them would look at my watch or my necklace or my handbag:confused1: . It makes me feel really uncomfortable. I wonder what they are thinking...I'm not trying to "show-off"! I just like nice things which usually includes fine jewelry and designer hand-bags.:shrugs:

    So, do any of you feel "self-conscious" when you are wearing expensive items??
  2. Only when my friends/family bring it up.... Otherwise I relish in my blissful ignorance.
  3. I feel self conscious sometimes when I'm at work only because my coworkers will compliment and tease me about it.
  4. no. just be yourself and you will feel better! don't mind them at all! :biggrin:
  5. nope not really. it is not like I took it away from anyone - I am working for my possessions.

    mind you, only when I hear my mother say she is not going to buy anything, then I feel guilty. (however, this rarely happens, she just says it... plus I always get my parents nice gifts)
  6. i just dress accordingly to avoid this problem based on the friends that i'm going out with.

    some friends i know they frown on such expenses but i dont really care. some friends will question and ask how much is this and that and if i know that is coming and i don't like it i carry basic stuff that isn't branded.

    as for work, everything is subtle and appropriate. small jewelry pieces. black bags that do not change every week! =P
  7. No. Not at all. Its all bought and paid for.
  8. i agree with the gals - you didnt steal it it is yours and you worked for it ! nobody forbids your friends to hunt on eBay and get designer items for less if they cant afford them in boutiques - and if they`re not into it then they shouldnt be judging you in any way everyone can have a hobby ;) ! i wear my stuff proudly cos i know i have a good taste hihih ;)
  9. Now I've moved about a bit and met lots of different people I feel fine about it. Where I grew up, nobody can afford to spend a lot on fashion and the general attitude is "the cheaper, the better". When I am there I take care not to stand out (I don't want to ostracise myself), but most of the time I'll wear at least one nice item.
    I'm not ashamed that I save to buy nice things that I'll get a lot of enjoyment out of wearing, when most of my friends go out every fortnight and buy really cheap clothes that aren't going to last. People have different tastes.
  10. Your post is a bit ironic given your username ;)

    Anyhow...who cares? I mean, unless you're blinged out while serving soup at the local homeless shelter.
  11. Nope, I never focus on what other people are doing or looking at. So, I really don't care about what other people think or feel -- it's their own fault (Eleanor Roosevelt did say something to the effect, "No one can make you feel bad without your consent"). So if they have some weird insecurity, that's their own fault and problems to deal with -- not mine.
  12. Nope, I don't either.
  13. I pay attention to it, but not to an extreme degree. I do get a few nasty comments about my Coach Sig Stripe tote that I use on campus (I even once got "I hope you bought a fake and didn't spend all that money on that bag."), but my mom got it for me for Christmas so I don't bat an eye. But, for instance, I don't carry expensive bags or wear showy/expensive clothing when I'm teaching b/c it's just one more distraction in the classroom. If I were out with girlfriends I wouldn't have a second thought about blinging it up, though - that's what a fun night out is for!
  14. You are too funny Charles!!:roflmfao:

    When I was in Vegas one of the girls said something like "you can afford it, you're rich" and I flipped out on her. I'm NOT rich and not even close. I just bargain shop when it comes to clothes (Loehmann's, etc) and negotiate when it comes to jewelry. I buy designer handbags (full price:sad: ) while they travel alot. To each his own. Sigh...
  15. very, very rarely. occassionally, though, since i'm a college student, i'll show up to some sort of meeting or something dressed how i'm comfortable dressing (a sun dress, a button down and skirt, something like that) and everyone else is in jeans and sweats and old t-shirts, and i wonder if other people think i stick out. it doesn't bother me, but it does occur to me. i've tried to 'dress down' when i think i have a significant chance of looking out-of-place before, but it honestly takes me longer to pick out a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants than it does something much nicer because i'm just not used to wearing those things.

    if you're going to stick out for anything, though, stick out for being well-dressed!