Ever feel LV Customer Service Could be Better For What You're Paying?

  1. I know I'm probable going to get slammed for this, but the level of LV customer service sometimes bothers me, as I feel it is often subpar with much lower priced brands like even Coach or Cole Haan. That is, I'm talking more about the corporate policies as I know individual SA's can and often do above and beyond.

    For example, I feel the 14 day period for a return is too short. I have always been able to get store credit at the other brands even without a receipt as long as it was still in new condition. I know part of it may have to do with authenticity issues.

    And yesterday, I had ordered over 1k in products that were not in stock and they were going to charge me $10 to ship unless I picked up in the store. I've always gotten free shipping from Coach/Cole Haan if the item wasn't in stock. I was told that LV charges shipping unless your purchase is over $3k, recently raised from $2k (I got free shipping with my mirage speedy). I would think that if your customers spend that much money, waiving $10 shipping seems like a fair gesture?

    And please don't slam me, and tell me to leave LV (as I've seen some replies in other members' threads), I still love LV products, and own several bags and starting out on accessories too, but sometimes I wonder why their customer service should be lower in many cases than much lower tiered brands? Do any of you ever feel LV customer service could be better for what you're paying?

    Anyway, just my thoughts, thanks for listening.
  2. I couldnt agree more. I hate it when you question them about something and they could care less. Or you get "well that's the way it is" That is such a turn off it makes me want to switch brands.

    I recently had an experience where I received my item and it came to me scratched. Do they honestly think I want to pay retail for a scratched item? Yes they did! I returned it and they would not refund my shipping. So I will never buy anything again and have them ship it. They dont have enough common sense to know how to package an item properly!

    And yes I do think 14 days is to short for a return period, it should be 30 days like elux or "whenever" like Neimans! LOL No one should slam you for your opinion.
  3. Wow I didn't know they'd charge you $10 for shipping! I think it's crazy they'd only ship for free if you order over $3K... What's $10 in comparison to that?
    I haven't had any experiences with LV customer service, but I've heard so many stories, and based on that and what you're paying for the LV products I think it could be way better. I mean, 14 days to return?! Cheap shops like H&M have 30 days to return! And when the zipper of my €20 Invito wallet broke 3 months after I bought it, they had it repaired free of charge.
  4. They ship for free in Germany (via UPS). I had issues with them in the past. But now since I found the best SA I can't complain.
  5. Hahaha thanks for your replies! I feel somewhat vindicated! I was worried about getting slammed bc I've read other threads where the poster gets slammed for not liking certain aspects of LV, although again like you said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That said, I still love this forum!
  6. Wow, I received a scratched item from LV Florida and when I returned it, they refunded me including shipping. It was a $400 item. It's not your fault that the item came in scratched. But then again, I talked to a manager who probably has the authority to waive shipping. For things like that, it would be wise to talk to higher management instead of SAs.

    As for customer PHONE service, LV is not that bad as compared to Chanel (and I have heard Balenciaga). They can locate items easily and would contact the store and assign you an SA to deal with. With Chanel, you have to wait for a call back since they can't access store inventory and sometimes it takes days.

    Also, I don't know if this is true or not, but generally American companies are better at training their customer service reps. I noticed that European based brands have a different mindset or company culture. This is just my take on things.
  7. So far I have been completely satisfied with the customer service I received from LV - be it in London or Sydney store that I regular.
    And I don't have any regular SA. So my judgement is not based just on one SA.

    Infact, I found LV customer services are so good that not even Chanel (again, based on London and Sydney stores) can compares.:yes:
  8. It just seems like there is no customer retention training. Their attitude is almost 'take it or leave it'. While I have not experienced this poor service YET, I am afraid it will eventually happen.
  9. Sadly she was the manager that said no...it really mad me mad cause it wasn't my fault. It was the person that slung it in the bag and didnt think that wow that is going to move all over when UPS gets their hands on it. Like how hard would it have been to wrap it up in tissue? Plus my SA was kinda insinuating I used it which REALLY pissed me off. It was delivered 2 hours before I called her. What is wrong with some of these people? She is a super SA but did not get CS training as to how to handle the customer :confused1:
  10. I've had issues with store SA's and store managers in the past, but I have to say, the customer service people and customer service supervisors couldn't be more respectful & professional. They always go above and beyond. I agree that at the store level there is more emphasis on sales than service, and that's disappointing because it shouldn't always be about the sale, sometimes its about treating people the way you would want to be treated. Most of them get it right though.
  11. to the OP: i don't think you'll be getting slammed for your opinion on this issue. its known that customer service has been going downhill for LV (though we don't really know for sure since hardly anyone posts rave reviews of customer service, only bad ones).

    i think the return period is just fine. i think they do this to prevent the "wrong" people from using the bags too much and then trying to return it. which i guess is why they put in the "in saleable condition."

    the shipping thing however, i definitely agree. i wonder if the cost has anything to do with insurance on the items being sent? i don't know if things have changed, but my store ships for free if you spend 2k. but then on the other hand, they probably think that if you can spend 1-3k, $10 shouldn't be a big deal.
  12. I agree with you. I've sent a letter to the manager of my local boutique. Hopefully some positive changes occur!
  13. I usually have good experiences at LV stores. However, while I was in Las Vegas - I waited over 20 minutes and didn't get served. I was ready to buy and just wanted to look at the bag one more time. I understand that the store was really busy at the time but someone coud have said I am sorry but we will be with you as soon as possible. I would have been happy with that but instead I was just ignored. When I asked - "Execuse me, do you know approximately how long it will be before you are free". I got yelled at .. "I am already serving two customers" then she stormed off. I left the store after that. I didn't want the bag THAT bad .. ok maybe I did because I just went to another LV after.
  14. I certainly feel the same way you do. For the money we pay for their items, their customer service should be beyond reproach. I have had some bad customer service at the South Coast Plaza main store. I no longer shop there at all. I go to Bloomingdale's LV whose staff is one of the best --- very friendly, very helpful. My SA there is a treasure!
  15. Do you mind saying which Vegas store it was where you had that problem? I'm always trying to decide which store is the best in Vegas, and people have so many different opinions! It does sound like they were busy that day, but I don't think that's ever an excuse for them being rude to you.