Ever feel like your vet is over charging?!?

  1. I know it's terrible to think this way and I would spend every last penny on my dog, but sometimes I feel like I'm being taken advantage of. In the last 3 months, I have spent over $3000 in vet bills on my dog.

    I just dropped close to $400 on the bill again a couple hours ago. It was suppose to be a quick check up since he was neutered last month but he also vomited today at 3AM and 5AM so my vet suggested blood and urine work, fluid injections, yet another new diet, more supplements (on top of all the ones I bought the last 2 months from them) and more topical sprays (that I have already bought from them) because he still has skin allergies.

    My poor dog has now had 3 blood and urine samples done in the last 3 months and I am now beginning to wonder if it is necessary. Especially since while I was paying, one of the nurses made a comment saying that I must be very well off (and I was dressed like crap today in my jeans and hoodie) which kind of bugged me a little because I interpret that as a clue saying that I shouldn't be dishing out this much money for their services?

    Now I feel like a terrible "parent" to my dog for having these somewhat stingy/frugal thoughts.
  2. i know how you feel. about 2 years ago i spent almost $2000 trying to figure out why one of my dogs has problems controlling her bladder (she was only 3 years old). Vet said it was a UTI etc etc... the bills just kept adding up, LOTS of urine test. I just got sick of it and gave up. I'm glad I did because she's still alive and healthy. I wouldve hated to have her in and out of the vet getting tests done on her each and every time.

    Recently, I'm still angry it cost almost $200 for a rabies and bordatella shot.
  3. I think you raise a great point. While I totally support vets making a living like the rest of us and don't think they should give services away for nothing, I have been in the same position you are before. Specifically, I had moved to a new area and had an emergency and took my dog to the closest vet only to be told that he needed to stay overnight and they needed a deposit of $1000. To make a long story short, my dog died and the final bill was $4,300 for 3 days. OK, but enough about me..have you talked to friends to maybe get a referral to a different vet? I finally found a new one and have compared things like labs and films and can say that yes, the first place I went was a rip off and the place I go to now is great. I would say that maybe ask around and try a different place?
  4. I did find another vet that is 1.5 hours away and although it is still expensive, I never feel cheated when I walk out of their office because the vet sits down with me and explains her reasonings for everything. It's just kind of inconvenient to travel so far for vet appointments and she is mostly only in on weekdays.

    My current vet is lovely but I feel very rushed. Usually ,about 80% of the time, it is a nurse telling me what is going on. The check up today was to see how my dog's sutures have healed and if it made his prostate shrink down in size but she barely glanced at his scrotum and did not check his prostate. His prostate is the reason he was neutered in the first place, usually you do not neuter a dog in his senior years.
  5. yes!
    I totally felt like my vet was overcharging.
    It seemed like I kept going back once a week and never got straight info from her. It was really frustating.
  6. I think I would look into another vet. That seems really steep! I had to take my little guy in b/c he was vomiting and acting kinda weird. They took a stool sample and checked him over for almost 30 mins, he had an over growth of bacteria in his stomach. I walked out with the exam,tests and pills for $75. Took a new stool sample in a week later and the lab fee was $20.
    Also when he was neutered at 6m he got quite sick after and lost like 4 pounds which is alot when you only weigh 17! We were never charged for the follow up visits, because it was care associated with the neutering.
    If you can I would try to out someone else or maybe look into pet insurance?
    Good Luck!
  7. Not me. My vet pretty much knows my current situation and always gives me breaks on some things, such as giving me samples of medications, etc. She also points out things like, Lady's pain pills are cheaper if I buy 100 at a time instead of 30. I also get a muti-dog discount if I bring both of them in at the same time. (For check-ups or shots) I only get charged one office visit.

    Lady had a rare condition called Diabetes Insipidus when she was younger... she would drink water like crazy and them pee alot, even breaking her training and peeing in the house. Just the fact that she diagnoised it so quickly without a lot of expensive tests amazed me. Then she even told me about a program that would help pay for her medication for it becuase it's a human drug. (Yes, my dog has her own account at the WalMart pharnacy!)

    Seriously, question every test... and find out if there's a real need for it. Be an informed pet owner, not a broke one.
  8. Not at all, my vet doesn't even charge me an office visit fee, my bf thinks he has a crush on me:angel:, and shots and vaccinations run at about $15 each and I get a discount on that too. I buy all the medicated shampoo and heartworm medicine online so I save money on that.
  9. I've spent some serious money on my dog, but I've been very lucky to have vets that I think charge very fair rates. I am amazed at how much cheaper veterinary care is compared to human healthcare.
  10. It sounds like you need to find another vet. Once that trust is gone, how can you continue to take your beloved animals to them? I took a cat to a new vet once and IDK, he just rubbed me the wrong way and I felt he overcharged for his services. On the other hand, my current vets could charge me $250 a pop and I'd pay it because I trust and respect them immensely. They don't, of course. I feel their fees are quite reasonable. Plus with our dogs they have waived certain fees a couple of times because we have taken in strays.

    When Mathilda first got sick back in Oct. I took her to a critical care hospital for work-up and even though it cost about 1500.00 all told I felt it was money well-spent and I had a lot of faith in them and still do.

    That remark the "nurse" made was way out of line IMO. No wonder you are suspicious.
  11. I adore our vet, and he's a fine hunk of manhood, too ;)

    However, I know for fact he overcharges! I know quite a few people that have left his practice for other vets because of it. Our problem, or perhaps it's our preference, it that he's literally just 5 minutes down the road. Because of Sam's fragile health, we constantly had emergencies come up and having our vet so nearby was a blessing. It always bugged me about the cost and number of tests he wanted to run, but we always went along with it because Sam was our baby. With all Sam's problems and our trips to the vet, it's been a running joke that they should name a wing or two Sam's Hall since we probably paid for half that building.

    Fortunately Miss Gracie has been a very hearty little girl so far and we've only needed to take her in for routine things and for her baths.
  12. I go to a vet that charges more than the average prices, I know this for sure because I've changed vets so many times. I never seem to be satisfied with them. I went to a vet only minutes away recently, and never again! What they charged for nails cut and glands expressed was insane. I'd personally prefer my old vet, but he's in a completely different part of town and it's far away. Maybe you should look for a new vet. Also if your dog never seems to get better...I definitely would.

    My mil's dog kept vomiting and had food allergies, and she was in and out constantly on different meds and changing food, finally she went to a new vet...and all better!
  13. Yes definitely. Rant coming up. LOL This is not to insult any vets we have on board. It's just my experience.

    When I have moved, I always make sure that I get copies of my dogs vet records. Just so they aren't repeating expensive unnecessary tests. I find it really outrageous vets trying to charge for work that has already been done. Even office visits for shots, some vets charge. They try to justify it by saying they want to do a general exam. No just give my dog the shot, he was in 2 months ago for his exam.

    I went on vacation a few months ago and brought my dogs to be boarded at the vet and also said, clean their teeth while they are in. Well, when I go to pick them up, the bill is over $2000 and they didn't clean either of my dogs teeth, but they did a bunch of tests on them without my permission.They had the medical records for both my dogs, they didn't need to do any extra tests. Needless to say, I never went back to them.

    Last month, when my dog has her freak accident and eventually was put down, I felt like I got overcharged big time. I went to 3 different vets that day. The first one was local to me. They took her from me and in 10 minutes came out and told me I should get her to a 24/7 care facility because there was nothing they could really do for her. That was $150 for the emergency visit.

    Next place I went to was my regular vet which I had the first place call. I go there, and they told me there was a specialist at another vet and call there for me so I can take my dog over there. Another $75 for an emergency visit. Mind you, nobody could tell me anything yet.

    Then I get to the third place (which I have never been before but heard great things about). They take my dog from me and I am in the waiting room. 30 minutes later the doctor comes in and said I have to leave her overnight but he was going to give me an estimate. The estimate was $2500. I said I don't care, just save her. She was in the hospital for 2 days when finally I had to make a decision that I didn't want her suffering anymore.

    My final bill came to $4700. I had paid the $2500 already when I was at the vet. I was very shocked when I got a bill in the mail for the remaining amount. The itemization was amazing to me. I mean my dog died. I feel the last place really took advantage of me.

    Rant over.
  14. yep. we had a vet that even though we loved how great he was with the animals, he charged wayyyy too much for his services. so we switched vets and when we took him to the new vet for the first time my mom questioned the bill because she thought it was too LOW! they looked it over and said, "nope, that's right..." she was shocked at how much the other vet charged for just a routine shot!
  15. I did have one that I thought was ripping me off. I switched vets and it turned out that yes, that vet WAS ripping me off. I talked to a coworker who volunteered with a rescue for a recommendation. She was able to steer me to a different vet who I remained with until Breeze passed (she passed while I was in Albuquerque so they were not involved there). When the time is right for me to get another dog, I will go back to the new vet.

    Are there any options in your area? A local rescue might be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck and I hope your pup is feeling better soon.