Ever feel like you'll never be satisfied with your collection?

Feb 8, 2009
So I'm curious to know if you just keep buying bags that you think will make you happy or you buy a bag, and then sell a bag, and then wonder if you'll ever be content with your collection?

I ask because I've been buying and selling bags for the past 8 years thinking ok, this is the last sale, or buy for a long time cause I'm gonna be happy when I replace this bag. Then it turns out, I always want to sell another bag in my collection or buy another bag to add to my collection.

When does it end? LoL
Feb 26, 2014
Home Sweet Home
I started my real "love" for bags when I started selling on ebay. I got there the idea that I can sell my pre-owned but in good condition bags in order for me to fund a new bag that I like without shelling out too much money.

There were times I thought I was already satisfied but then a new bag catches my eyes and so the cycle goes on.

I would really want this to end (bec. now I do not enjoy switching/rotating bags anymore) and I'm really thinking hard of what my holy grail bag will be (which should definitely be a LV) that would make me give up most of the bags in my multi-branded collection. If I can only find this one special LV bag, I know I can sell my other bags then be satisfied (and hubby would be happy too! ;) )


Nov 24, 2011
Yes:smile: i am currently satisfied with my collection:smile: i got my hg bag last year for my anniversary - nf mm roses- bright pink inside and flowers outside my fav and i bought my most expensive bag artsy mm mono- was obsessed and got it as a 40th present :smile: and i got a vernis piece- zvp grand bleu too. I see new vags and think i like it but i have bags i like more! My bases are covered! I also have to remind myself i am moving overseas later this year so i need to pack all my lv!
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Dec 17, 2013
I have just started getting into designer bags and seriously pondering over this issue too, thinking will I ever be content with a few bags or will I constantly be wanting more. I have already started selling my contemporary designer bags to fund my purchases. My ultimate objective is to build a classic handbag collection and cover my base. Maybe... I'll stop when my objective is achieved. : )


Jason W
Aug 27, 2011
Perth, Western Australia
To answer your question: yes and no.

There are some times where you just buy bags off your list and you tick them off and you will be satisfied with what you have. Then you start looking at other brands and you reassess your collection and think 'Do I really need 3 Neverfull GMs just to go to the beach, where you only really go to the beach about once a year' or 'Do you really need like 5 or so messenger bags where you only grab about 3 on rotation'. Then you look at your collection and realize all these cool brands that you would have never considered (for me it is Goyard, Hermes, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Celine, etc.) and then you say 'Hey I really want some of these bags that could replace my LV ones and do the same function. Then you think ok 'What bags a I attached to most, and what bags can I part with?'. Then you start selling the bags that you don't want and slowly replace them with other brands... Until you get sick of this new brand and start venturing to another brand and so forth.. So in reality this process never ends, its just the matter of changing brands and the changes in life that really affect your choices in bags (or anything really)...


Jan 11, 2014
I actually believe I am done with my collection. My last bag I got was the Saumur 30. Here are the rest of my collection, let me know what you think? I believe I have all the bag I will ever need. Currently I don't have a craving of any kind.

Speedy B DE 30
Speedy B Mono 30
Speedy B DE 25
Speedy B Mon Mono 25
Evora MM DE
Saumur Mono 30
Eden PM
Cabas Piano DE
Petite Noe DE
Petite Noe Mono
Petite Noe Epi Black
Petite Noe Epi Brown/Tan
Alma PM DE
Bagtinoles Vertical
Large Bucket Mono
Small Bucket Cherry
Houston Fushia
Eva DE
Eva DA
IKAT GM Rose Velour
Alma BB Pomme
Alma BB DE
Alma BB Epi Black
Alma BB Rouge Grenadine
Artsy Mono
Pochette Accessoire Cherry
Pochette Accessoire DE
Mini Noe Mono
Galliera PM Mono
Gallliea PM DA
Speedy Epi Black 25
Speedy Epi Brown 25
Lodge GM MC Noir
Pochette Accessorie MC White
Mini Ribera DE
Figheri PM
Figheri GM
Priscilla MC White
Mila Clutch MC Noir
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Be Blessed, MoNikki
Apr 30, 2014
I think I say I am bag content but because taste change as we get older so will my collection. I know my Speedy's I will keep forever and my Alma but everything else is subject to change. I am sure I will continue to buy bags but you can only wear so many bags you know. Not sure I will ever be fully satisfied.

Be Blessed MoNikki


In LVoe :)
Jul 2, 2010
Beaumont, TX
I'm still building my collection so I don't even think I can answer this question honestly! Right now I feel like I only need a few more things for it to complete, so we'll see what happens after that! ;)


Dec 31, 2012
I happy with my collection right now but I know another bag will catch my eye ! I'm on a ban for now so I hope it's not any time soon ... I thinking I may sell a few bags that are collecting dust .