Ever Feel Like You Need New Friends?

  1. I feel really ungrateful and unappreciative of my current friendships but unfortunately, I can't help feeling sometimes that I'd unsatisfied, bored, and tired of my two current closet friends. Most of my friends from school and work are casual friends....we hang out when there's something to do (like clubbing, house parties, etc.) but never just to call and chat about deep personal things. These two friends ARE, but sometimes I feel annoyed by their quirks and personality, etc. Both of them are well meaning and have never treated me badly in any way....so I don't dislike them. I'm just really UNSATISFIED. Now, I feel like I do a lot of things with them (like chatting, dinners, etc.) just because there's no better option or because I feel I should.

    I think the best example would be when you fall out of love with a boyfriend. The chemistry and attraction are just not there anymore. Has ANYONE felt like this before? :sad:
  2. OMG Yes!! its so hard... I guess it a part of life...I think eventually you will meet new friends who will be a better fit for your life
    i have learned it is better to walk alone than with fools..i mean just being annoyed by someone you have outgrowen can be such a waste of energy
  3. Yeah, I feel ya. I pretty much have one friend I can talk to "deeply" and even then most of the she does not know what to say and is not much help. lol I don't hold it against her it's just the way she is...but it sucks for me because I have always been the listener and when I need a shoulder to cry on I don't have any girls to listen. :sad:
  4. I am right there with you. I have one good friend that I can talk to deeply about anything and everything but she is 20 and I am 25. She's a very mature 20 but sometimes I feel like we are on 2 different levels and in different stages of our lives. It's hard not having a lot of friends. I've been this way for about 2 years. I have just outgrown my old friends and gone about my own life. While I'm moving forward, they are still doing the same things they did 2 years ago when I stopped hanging out with them. I would love to meet new people and make new friends but its hard to.
  5. Yes!!!! I totally feel you on this one....

    I have not kept in contact with most friends anymore b/c this is what has happened....

    We dont connect in the way that is meaningful...its more just getting together.....although, I do think that there are different kinds of friends and the "close but not that close" friends are in one catagory while you need the "very close" ones too.
  6. I could not agree with you more...there is always something "wrong" with the people that are my friends...either too young....don't have a car...never have any money...strict parents....way too into boyfriend/party scene...it's tough finding a mellow yet fun mature girl!! At least i have not come across one yet...:sneaky:
  7. I totally understand where you are coming from, I have lots of friends, not really close friends, lots of my friends live around the country. I can also count on my family which is lovely.
    I find that I am always there to listen to my friends problems, but when I have some news, I am met with "Oh OK". I have moved on from what some of my old friends are doing and they are happy with their lives and so am I. I think as we get older, we make new friends with people we click with and those relationships are built on what we are doing with our lives now.
    I still contact my old friends, but we are not as close anymore.
    I think anyone who needs friends will find them in the most unlikely places like TPF!!X
  8. I felt like that last year, I really like my friends, but felt the need for friends with the same interest than me.
    I am the opposite of all of you, I am the (immature) one wanting to go out and travelling, whereas all the social life with the other friends was just couples, to have dinner at home and talk about marriage/property/baby
    :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy: after a year you seriously miss going out in public places ! That´s the big 3-0.....
  9. New friends? Hell, I just need friends. :sad:
  10. God, I desperately need new friends!

    I only had one, from high school, and we really grew apart (in my mind) but she remained really clingy.

    Her idea of fun and a good life is very different to mine now and I just feel we have nothing meaningful or significant to say to each other.

    So now I have NO friends :sad:
  11. Yes, I understand. We change, we move on, we develop different interests, whatever the case may be. Easing out of a close friendship can be emotional, but it is also healthy. Sometimes things just don't "work" anymore.
  12. YES, nowadays my friends are getting flaky on me...canceling plans..and so worth. Its sad...I need new friends!!
  13. I don't feel like I need new friends, but I need some friends -- I just moved recently and I work as a nanny so I don't really meet anyone at work. I haven't been able to meet anyone yet.

    My story: I have been a member of a private board for about 2yrs. It has gone thru so much drama, splits, BS bla bla bla. Not only was I a member, but I was admin. I lost so many tears over all the BS, over people I thought were my friends, etc etc.

    Most recently more BS happened and it resulted in me in tears. My husband finally sat me down and said "enough if enough". These people you will never meet in person. You have been thru enough, so its time to close up and move on.

    Yes, I have never met these people in real life, but I have spent 2yrs online w/ them. It is just not that easy to walk away.

    However, me being admin and being part of that board has caused so much flippn stress that at the end of the day it is MUCH healthier for me to walk away.

    I havent been on the board in almost 3 weeks. AT times, Im really sad because I miss the socializing....but at the same time, Im so relieved because I dont have to deal w/ all the drama and BS that I have delt w/ over the past 2 yrs.

    Sometimes, you just have to cut the TOXIC PEOPLE out of your life in order for you to be healthy and happy.

    Not easy, but sometimes necessary!
  15. very true :tup: