ever feel guilty?

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  1. do you ever feel guilty about the amount of money you spend on bags and shoes??

    I do. I look at them and think "this could be a new piece of furniture, or a vacation" or something else like that. I always feel so wasteful too, because i have so many bags, and you can only carry them one at a time.

    tips on how to get over it? lol
  2. if you a do a search using the word "guilty" you'll find quite a few threads that address this topic.;)
  3. I like your thread topic.
    I feel guilty sometimes when I think about people who don't have enough money for groceries or something, and then I go out and buy a purse that costs $300+.
    I guess I just kind of justify it by reminding myself that I don't buy fancy clothes, shoes or jewelry, I don't have a fancy apartment or car, and I don't go on extravegant vacations. (Not that I wouldn't like those things, of course!) It's just that I limit myself to a few guilty pleasures.....buying purses and getting my hair highlighted/lowlighted a lot! LOL
  4. No--I don't feel guilty--If I did I wouldn't buy what I buy...But I also am at a point in my life where I can do this...Our house is paid for..our retirement is secure..no large bills..I am not in the least bragging..I am very humble and greatful for everything and have never taken anything for granted...But DH and I are consumed by work as well, so we've earned what we have..nothing on silver platters where we come from....We also don't have children together..his boys are grown...so no expenses there, which makes a big difference..Life is short..enjoy what you love..just remember you have to give back to make it balance...OK off soap box!! :yes:
  5. I have to agree that I wouldn't buy what I do if I felt guilty. We made a lot of sacrifices when we were first married and when our kids were babies, and we are in a better financial situation now. I still don't indulge much for myself, as most things are still for the kids. But what I do buy, I enjoy very much! As long as all the bills are paid, the education and retirement funds are up to date and the kids are well-dressed and have what they need, I have no problem getting a little something for myself!
  6. all the time but then i wear them and get complimented and feel better about myself. :smile:
  7. Unfortunately, unlike EMMY I don't have my retirement secure, and I certainly don't own a home *currently rent an apartment with the bf* but someday I hope to be that secure, definitely! But, I do pay my bills so I feel okay about buying bags. I do feel guilty sometimes because there really are better things I should be doing with my money, and it's not like "just one more bag and then I'll be done for good" is true, but oh well. *L* I'm still relatively young and am doing it while I can. Eventually though I will have to stop and be more reasonable. Probably next year actually.
  8. For a few moments, then I forget:nuts:
    Seriously I do feel guilty and get buyers remorse quite often, but DH is the one who usually talks me into keeping things or making that next purchase. So that helps the guilt.
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