Ever Feel Guilty About Your Possessions?

  1. I do alot. When I am getting dressed in my designer duds and about to jump in my Mercedes and happen to catch the news before I walk out and see something about the crisis in Dafur, the displaced and hungry people all around the world, I feel worthless and guilty. I do donate but then I think if I donated the amount of money I spend on purses and shoes, I would be feeding so many people.:sad:
  2. I don't feel guilty because I work for everything I have, and I try not to go into debt doing it. I donate my time and money when I can and most of all, I try to be a good person each day.
  3. WELL you donate and that is a very good thing, But if you feel guilty then maybe cut back a bit. But it is your choice. But you do work for you money.
  4. No. Guilt is a silly feeling when it comes to possessions in my opinion. By having things (which by the way, I worked my butt off for) I am not taking anything away from those who do not have. That said, everyday I remind myself that I am lucky to have been born in the USA to a good and pretty normal family, have had the ability to get an education and a career, have my health and so on. So, I believe it is more productive to feel blessed about what you have earned than guilty about it. Make sense?
  5. Maybe instead of money, you should donate some old clothes you don't use anymore? Sometimes, you feel less guilty and wasteful when you give things like that to the needy. It's a very personal thing and there's no set amount to give or not give. We all have different things going on. I think you should give what you feel is good for you.
  6. I am the same way but sometimes I feel like I am not doing enough.:sad2: I know that I am very blessed but I just always feel bad for people less fortunate than I am...

    All of us on this forum are so fortunate to be able to discuss our purse and shoes obsessions because there are many people in the world that obsess everyday on where they are going to get their next meal.

    I am not trying to be a downer, but all of us on this forum are truly blessed.
  7. I don't feel guilty at all. I earned every cent paid (other than the occasional gift from parents) and when possible, I donate my time, which is a more valuable commodity (to me) than my measly $.
  8. Envyme, I know exactly what you are talking about....and the way I see it, there is nothing that separates us from the people whom you mention other than a circumstance of birth. I guess the way I do it is try not to think about it....when I do, it makes me feel really horrible to be sporting a new pair of shoes that would have paid for food, medical, etc....for someone for a year! My DH and I donate $$$, have "adopted" children in India and Jamaica, so I guess we do a fair amount, but when it comes down to it, I just try not to think about it every time I plunk down my credit card!
  9. Guilty no and neither should you. But I have recently decided to re-evaluate my spending. A friend of mine has had a life altering change which made me look at myself in a different way. Enjoy what you are able to and purchase and live however you feel comfortable!
  10. All of the time. Things will never be equal. And despite that I work for my things, many other people do too and will still never be as fortunate. That said, I still enjoy my things. I am just aware that very few people are leading this kind of life.
  11. No at all.
  12. That's a tough one. There will always be people in the world more AND less fortunate than you. Perhaps you should look at why you feel guilty. Do you feel that you don't deserve to have what you have? I feel that we are never given a challenge that we can't handle. Maybe your challenge is to find a way to balance your blessings with your gifts to others, be they donations of time, money, or just a smile of acknowledgement to a stranger. You wouldn't be where you are if you weren't supposed to be there.

    Don't know if that helps any.
  13. Not at all

    My dad works really hard to give me the life I have. And I will probably work equally hard to continue it when I'm done with law school
  14. My job involves giving a lot of myself to people-sometimes I use my collection as a gift to myself. I am happy I am so fortunate, I don't feel too guilty in my neighborhood. However, there are times when I know I have a lot of material things, especially if I see a struggling family or mother. It is all a matter of perspective- in comparison to the Hiltons, the Trumps and Bill Gates I am a pauper.
    When I get rid of things I donate them to charity.
  15. you can budget more for charity into your lifestyle, and you can also invest in socially responsible funds. that way you keep your money (sort of) and it also makes the world better.

    don't feel bad merely for having money, but money is power and I believe that does carry a certain amount of social responsibility. but you gotta do what you gotta do. if you're feeling guilty, maybe deep down your conscious is telling you something (I dunno your circumstance so I dunno what it is) and you should give a little more to relieve it. sometimes guilt is ridiculous and sometimes it is healthy, it all depends.