Ever feel 'blah' for no reason...best tips for 'snaping' out of it?

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  1. Do you ever feel 'blah' for no reason? Not really depressed, nothing particulary wrong...and you're happy about this or that...but over all just :shrugs: ?

    What are your best mood lifters? or pick me ups?
  2. Chocolate! =)
  3. Hey Twinkle, sorry you're feeling blah... I like to reconnect with friends, maybe far-away buddies I haven't spoken to in a while. Give them a call, or sit down and write a nice note -- it's worth a shot and costs nothing, right? ;)
  4. Yeah, I get the blahs sometimes too. To snap out of it I get some exercise, call a friend, try a recipe in a cookbook I haven't looked through in awhile, organize a drawer...anything for a little sense of accomplishment.

    But I don't try to rush it. Sometimes I just feel in a funk for a day or two and I know it goes away so I just let it 'be' and not worry too much.
  5. I'm with Pursegrrl! Anything to give you a sense of accomplishment helps, even if it's just re-organizing your sock drawer or putting all your CDs in alphabetical order. The trick is to get moving so you aren't dwelling on feeling bad. Then take a nice long bubble bath with candles, a glass of wine, and some good mellow music!
  6. Oh Twinkle- this happens sometimes and when it happens to me I just do something that makes me happy... I have this on my kitchen frig.. just to make me chuckle..:flowers:
  7. Thanks everyone.


    Love this!
    After the kids are off to school I am going to the gym for a long swim and then maybe some retail therapy ;)
  8. yeah I think its normal to feel 'blah' at times for no particular reason but funnily enough, my DH doesnt seem to have this issue...hehe
    I will call some old friends..or try to plot on how to get my DH to get a new purse..LOL
  9. Hmm I usually end up singing my heart out in the pool..nothing can beat singing for me.
  10. Coffee, a fashion magazine, a sweet snack and watching an old movie of the 'Gone with the Wind era' usually lifts my mood.

  11. That's my little perfect evening too.
    For an instant mood lift I put some music. Happy catchy disco (Abba !) or house music !!
  12. :yes: Yep, I do too... I think alot of mine has to do with the change of the seasons. When it gets colder & yucky, my moods definitely go blah more often! I put on a great CD, have a bubble bath, go outside & sit in the sun (even if it's chilly..) Sometimes just reminding myself how lucky I am & that I REALLY don't have anything to be down about snaps me out of it.
  13. I usually like to call up a friend that I haven't spoken to in a while or indulge in something sweet, like cookies or chocolate.
  14. A box of Cheez-its usually does it for me. :roflmfao:
  15. I got and look at my bags or start cleaning or go eat something. :yes: