Ever feel badly for returning at boutique???

  1. I am going today to return the Speedy 25 I bought last week, after taking it out of the bag and putting it on my arm a few times....it's just too small for me and doesn't look right!!!:crybaby:

    Do you ever feel badly when you make a return? I am not exchanging 'cause I am getting the Alma next month for my birthday! The only time I have returned is when I took back the Neverfull (but exchanged it for my lovely BH), which was for quality reasons....but I still think I'll feel badly!!!!:sad: and hopefully won't be treated badly!!!
  2. Sometimes it takes a few days for the new purchase to sink in, and if it's not growing on you, that's genuine reason to exchange for something else within the exchange period. Don't feel bad, that's what the grace period is for. I'll do the same.
  3. I do feel bad when I return, which is why I try to avoid it at all costs! My purchases are carefully planned. My last two returns were LE items that were sent to my sight unseen by my out-of-town SA. Once I saw them IRL I knew they weren't for me.

    Hope your return goes well, the SA should be nice and treat you with respect.
  4. My boutique doesn't allow for refunds, just exchanges so I always make sure I buy what I want to keep.
  5. I havent actually returned before but I have gotten something, and then realized it really wasnt for me and exchanged it for something else. I do try to think things through and always choose what I get carefully but sometimes no matter how much you do that sometimes it seems like its what you want but it ends up not being exactly what your looking for. I would not hesitate to return something if I felt it really wasnt right. I usually dont do it, but the SA's are usually very good about it. They know I will be back and get something else anyway.
  6. Don't feel bad about returning stuff. That's why they have that policy in place. The important thing is to LVoe what you purchased so that you'll come back for more. ;) Goodluck with the Alma and post some pics, okay?!
  7. I always think over my purchases very carefully and try it on/look at lots of pics to make sure I really like it before buying. I've had to return/exchange due to problems, but nothing else.
  8. I think as long as you don't do it all the time it's ok. Even the most planned purchase sometimes once you get it home isn't right for you.
  9. Me to.
  10. Don't feel bad....it's your right as a customer to return a non-used bag or item in sellable condition. No questions asked!!
  11. yes I hate doing any returns. I always feel like they are talking crap in their head about me.
  12. I returned my mono french purse for an azur one and the sales told me I would be able to exchange/return the azur one any further because if I do, my account would be flagged. I avoid shopping at that particular boutique just in case I make a purchase, regret it and have to return it.
  13. it's your right. if you're not loving it, exchange it for something else.
  14. I've never returned anything, so not sure if I would feel bad or not.

    You will love the Alma when you get it.
  15. That is odd. If you are exchanging for something else, they still make money.