Ever feel backwards?

  1. Looking at the favorites list made me realize I don't like alot of 'popular' items. I guess that's a good thing or my closet would be overflowing (well overflowing more than it is, lol)....also I realize I like what alot of people don't....

    • For cherry blossom, the red and cream is my least favorite.
    • I don't like trompe l'oeil collection, it just reminds me of those tacky velour sweatsuits.
    • For Conte de Fees the only items I like are the ronds.
    • I don't like the mink.
    • I am not sure I am going to like the mirior.
    • I don't like satin, especially the white.
    • I don't like the squishy.
    On the other hand I like things that are less popular by a long shot:
    • The charms, especially the acc and shoes.
    • Antigua, love that inventuer plate!
    • I love almost any LV shoe, especially the mules.
    • I love the towels, I know what a waste...but can't help myself.
    • The icon minis, again not very useful, but they just call to me, I would gladly give up 3 bags to collect the whole set.
    • My MC luggage, I don't know how many times, people have said...you check that!! but I love it and want to use it
    Oh, well...I guess it's good everyone likes something different, that way there's more to go around ;)
  2. I don't think it's backwards at all!!! I think it shows that you have your own unique taste and thank god for that!!! Imagine if all of us liked the same thing!!!:nuts: Our collections would all look the same!!!:sweatdrop:
  3. I agree with Irene...it's what makes the world go around!
    Enjoy what you love!:flowers: Sometimes I think i"m odd bc someone is raving about a style and I can't find the appeal, but then I get relieved bc it's one less thing to obsess over. There is enough LV that I DO LoVe:love: !!!
  4. What pieces do you have in MC luggage? I'd love to see pics. I have been thinking about the Keepall 45 in white MC. I also agree to buy what you like. Everyone on the pf has a BH & a Speedy. lol. Just kidding. I tend to be attracted to more unique pieces.
  5. Do not own any yet but :heart: :heart: :heart: LV mules your collection is WOW. You are you and like what you like...you do have great taste!! I love black MC and people have mentioned that they hate it...ohhh well that is them and thank goodness not me...love and enjoy what appeals to you!!!
  6. Here it is, sorry for the bad pic, it's in the rafters and no way I can get it down myself...lol....and before anyone 'yells' at me for abuse, it's hanging out there getting some heat and air to patina faster ;)

  7. :drool: Oh wow! Thanks for the pics. You have an awesome collection of MC luggage. Love them all. :wtf: :nuts: I'd love to have some in my collection. :crybaby:
  8. :nuts: I think MC luggage is SO COOL!

    I was in the seattle store over the summer and they have a black MC hat box...they said it was for when they had their grand re-opening (the store was renovated). It was pretty hot though!
  9. Love your luggage! How cool!
  10. Wow! The luggage is stunning in MC!!
  11. OMG - I love your white MC luggage!!!:love:
  12. Twinkle, if you're backwards, then I guess we're not allowed to be individuals anymore:lol:

    I think everyone has unique taste and do not always follow a trend. That is the main reason I :heart: Louis Vuitton. Large selection of classics and small LE and Holiday lines to keep us from feeling too stodgy.:P
  13. I don't think you're backwards... I'm a die hard LV fan, but that doesn't mean I like every single one of their products.
  14. ITA!!

    P.S. Love your luggage :love:

  15. agreed!:yes: I love your luggage twink!