Ever feel annoyed when you know more than your SA?

  1. So, after reading that the Mirage Speedy was going to be coming out today and not getting a call from my SA I decided to give her a call. She knew NOTHING about it being released today, said no it's the 15th. I told her that I had heard corporate had called the stores and said it was being released on the 10th. She puts me on hold, comes back laughing saying "how do you always know more than we do"? They had ONE black one and she's sending it out to me today!!

    So glad we have this forum, but it gets annoying sometimes to have to inform the SA's! :rolleyes:
  2. Lol. Once I was trying to get the Etui ipod case and the SA was SURE I meant one for the ipod nano even though I kept saying "for the widescreen ipod." That's what I get for having to go to another store lol (my store was out but my own SA checked the stock of another store nearby for me).
  3. UGH! I called 1-866-VUITTON and they said the 15th! Mine is being held hostage at LV darn it! It is there waiting for me, but they won't let me have it until Sat!
  4. i knew about the f/w lines 2 months before my SA did. also, she didn't know about the pushed up mirage release until i called her about it. i can't get annoyed at her though, she's super nice and does a lot for me. she never acts like i'm an arrogant little ass since i know of info before she does hehe. she says it makes her be a better SA since she researches the info i give her.

    even though she doesn't have confirmed info yet, she still puts me on the wait lists.
  5. I don't get annoyed unless she's being rude about it (which she NEVER is). I actually quite enjoy it sometimes!
  6. No, my SA is actually pretty nice about it. She's never asked me where I get my info, though.