Ever fallen in love with a bag you never thought you would?

  1. I'm sitting here, literally petting my aqua ggh hobo and I'm thinking to myself that I never in a million years would have thought that I would have liked a bag in this style, hardware or probably even color, but here I am quickly finding this bag becoming my favorite!

    So I'm wondering how many others out there have a bbag that they absolutely love, but never thought they would have before they owned it (if that makes any sense, LOL!).

    I've posted these elsewhere, but here are a couple of quick pics of my new love (with one of my REAL loves, my 5 year old dd modeling her!) - the pics do not do the color or leather justice at all . . .
    TPF & FAF 014.JPG TPF & FAF 013.JPG TPF & FAF 015.JPG TPF & FAF 016.JPG TPF & FAF 017.JPG
  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!! Look at the adorable Willow with that gorgeous bag!!!!:love::love::love:

    YUP!!!! I never thought I would fall madly in love with the GH bags but I have!!!!
  3. Yup! I LOVE my Aqua Hobo too! Never would have given it a second thought, but I got a really good deal on it, and now I'm just amazed by how fabulous it looks IRL.

    I actually think it looks borderline tacky with the blue/gold combo, but ONLY borderline and that is part of what makes it so fabulous IMO!

    ...and the leather of course. I have never seen such thick, moist yummy leather on any other bbag.

    Same thing with my Magenta Day. Not something I would have gone out of my way to get, but found it at a good price and now I just adore it.
  4. I thought I hated the Twiggy until I tried one on... now it's my favourite style! I also didn't care for Lilac until I found a great deal on a Lilac Twiggy and bought it (usually a recipe for disaster, buying a bag just because it's cheap and you have the cash) and it's one of my most versatile and well-used bags now...
  5. Your daughter is adorable! The bag is luscious and I know what you mean, I never thought I would own a Hobo, but not only do I own one, I actually love it! Go figure!
  6. Your daughter is a doll! Gorgeous bag too.....I absolutely LOVE GH....it "makes" the bag in my opinion. Beautiful choice!
  7. First of all I never, ever thought I would like GH. I thought that they looked like gold nipples!!!! I think Gh is gorgeous and classy now, it is just very heavy compared to classic moto styles.

    Secondly, I never thought that I would own a classic black city. I thought it was 'boring', whatever, I am such a nerd. Black Beauty is my favorite......

  8. ROFLMAO!!! Shasta you crack me up!!! I always thought the GH looked like giant "thimbles"!!!!

  9. I have to agree, I just love my bbags. I have four now. The blacks are a fav. I never thought I would fall over to the other side. They are so smooshy and easy to wear. :nuts:
  10. Same here! When the GH bags first came out I thought they were hideous. Now i'm totally smitten. Love your aqua hobo and your little darling of course!
  11. And after seeing Nanaz' black Day with GSH....I'm having a serious crisis!!!! I love that bag...it's funny how we always come back to black, isn't it???
  12. Lol, me too! :lol: Actually, I still think they do, but I've learned to like them a little more.
  13. lol!!! I agree with Shasta about GH bbags.

    I thought they looked ridiculous. My gf called them radio knobs and I believed her because I could see what she meant :p

    Now I love GH bags.

    Another I thought that I would not fall for is the lune bag in cobalt blue which I'm seriously thinking about now. I've noticed that all the colours that it came out in were KILLER. The violet (now sold out) was so dark it was like eggplant and the red one is like wine. These are what I call jewel coloured bags....

  14. I'm in loooooooooooooove :love::love::love:!!!


    Oh, yes, bag's not too shabby either :p. Congrats. It's lovely.
  15. I like how nicely it goes with Willow's pyjamas! ;) :p It's very cute with her polka-dots.