Ever experience not receiving a bag you bought online?

  1. I was waiting for a cute handbag to be delivered on Friday, got the tracking number and everything, shipping info says it was delivered, never received it and verified with the postoffice and they don't have it either,has anyone gone thru this before and
    if so how did u end up getting ur money back on a bag u never received, please help! Lost for words since I was waiting for my cute kooba to arrive and now I am assuming some one else has my bag! AHHHH! :crybaby:
  2. i forgot to add that I bought it from Revolve Clothin and most websites don't give you the option to add insurance
  3. Sometimes UPS or FedEx will deliver to a neighbor or wrong address. Report it to Revolve and ask them to track it for you. I've heard that the seller often takes responsibility for the item unless you turned down the option of insurance or requiring a signature.
  4. I would start by contacting the supervisor of your postal carrier. Have him or her talk to the carrier and try to find out where exactly he left the package.

    After that you should contact the seller.

    Do you live in an apartment or house?

    I live in a neighborhood where my mail and packages often end up on the front porches of other houses--sometimes ones blocks away. I know everyone down at the post office and I can't say that dealing with the supervisors is often a pleasant or gratifying experience but at least it helps me track down my mail and gives me opportunities to vent anger. I have complained to the national offices of the USPS and they just tell me to talk to the local manager, end of case, click of phone.

    I have eventually located all my packages (knock on wood), although lots of envelope mail goes missing. So I haven't needed to take further action beyond a hissy fit at the local post office.

    Good luck. You would think that well-paid government employees could match up the addresses on packages with the addresses on houses with more facility than some do but evidently not.
  5. thanks Big Purse Sue for posting... I live in an apartment complex, but its more like townhome entrances... so even if the delivery guy never read the post-it note (it was on the door attached to a clip on-and was also at eye level)... he supposedly told a co-worker at USPS that there was never a note... so i'm thinking that he never actually delivered it... if he did, it was to another place... I'm waiting to hear back on Monday... cross your fingers for me! I was awaiting that purse patiently too! :crybaby:If they can't help me, I hope Revolve Clothing can be reliable for it... I'll have to let you know how it turns out... :shrugs:
  6. I had the same type of situation happen to me to about a year ago. I had ordered a pair of l.a.m.b shoes(thru eBay) and waited and waited for them. So i contacted the seller and they tracked it and said it was delivered:wtf:! I never got it! And i also live in a apartment complex. very quiet, everyone keeps to themselves. So i went to talk to the apt manager.. she was basically no help so next we contacted the post office talked to not one but THREE different supervisors and they all said the same thing... ' we arent responsible for packages after they are delivered to you'! Uhh.. you never delivered it to me! I was LIVID!! We even called the main office in sacramento and still nothing. They did say though that the postman is NOT supposed to leave packages at your doorstep if you are in an apt building unless they have it writing from you that you are allowing them to. We never did any such thing! In the end it became so stressful that we just let it go. We dont know if someone took it or if they never really did deliver it. now we just look at it as a donation to someone less fortunate. I hope that the same thing doesnt happen to you!
  7. it might have gone to one of your neighbors so check around. i`m so sorry this happened to you
  8. Please do tell us how it works out, CoachGirl. I hope the purse materializes soon without too much hassle.

    I once lived in a city apartment with an unlocked door that opened onto a busy street. Getting packages was a hit or miss proposition. And sometimes the mail carrier just tossed all the envelopes onto the steps rather than insert them in the proper mailboxes.

    I took out a post office box for a few years but that was no better. It was shocking how much mail I received each week intended for other post office boxes.

    Anyhow good luck! I hope you get your purse soon!
  9. Definitely contact Revolve and talk to them about it. They might be able to help you and they might contact USPS to work it out.

    Good luck! And let us know how it goes.
  10. Just curious, what did your post-it note say, Coach Girl? Did it give specific delivery instructions?
  11. Thanks for all the responses everyone... I am losing sleep over this situation... it just gets to be so frustrating... I'm glad it was a REALLY expensive bag, but I do have to say it was over $200 bucks! But my post-it note just basically said "If no one is home, please bring any packages to the rental office"....its funny cuz the woman at USPS stated she talked to the delivery guy, and the delivery guy said, i knocked and i knocked and no one was home, i didn't see a note so I just left the package there, its like wtf? how can you not see the note, which is why i'm assuming he delivered it elsewhere because it was on a "clip-on" where the note would definitely not be able to fall off... i mean i don't know if he even delivered it... i went to a couple of buildings next door or rather the building complex that i live in, checked every single apartment door... no boxes in front of any of the doors.. knocked on the same apartment number, but in a different building, no one was home... so i mean i'm doing everything in my right mind to find this package... for me, to be honest i don't even care about the bag anymore, all i want is my money back, and the other messed up part of this situation is that it was the LAST bag! imagine that! somehow i came to believe that maybe this bag just wasn't for me... i hope i come to a resolution come tomorrow... I am awaiting another bag (it was on sale, TG that it is thru Fed Ex... but i didn't but insurance on that because i'm not sure how you can put insurance on something when its not offered on the website?) any suggestions about that? well all in all, i'll keep you all filled in... please keep crossing your fingers... very sad and upset.... :crybaby:
  12. I meant to say... i'm glad it WASN'T an expensive bag... sorry about that!
  13. Revolve Clothing doesn't automatically insure all of its items? If something is lost you would think they would want to recoup their loses through insurance and technically in my opinion, if a bag does not get delivered to you and is not yet in your possession, it is Revolve Clothings fault for not making it mandatory that it is signed by you or something to that affect and Revolve Clothing should send you another or reship it to you.
  14. I totally agree with you SonOz... I'm going to speak with a Revolve representative tomorrow (hopefully a manager of course) and figure out how they handle these types of situations... I'm sure there are other people out there that HAD to have a package not get delivered when they ordered from Revolve.... either way, I hope Revolve can contact USPS or something and get this straightened out... I don't want to be out that $$ :crybaby:Ugh... just not a good weekend for me...
  15. Thats terrible CoachGirl, but seriously, if they don't see it your way, point out that until you receive that bag is actually delivered to you, in your hands, then it is still their bag. My dad does a lot of shipping and until it reaches the customer, he can have the package returned to him, rerouted or anything he wants because it is still his.