Ever email a seller on eBay to tell them that their bag is fake?

  1. I couldn't resist, the bag is FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!!!! Yet the seller has the audacity to state that it is 100% authentic, that she purchased it herself from the LV boutique on 22 blvd, and that she bought it ON SALE for $200 off.

    (If you want to take a peak at the auction, just do a search for 100% authentic multicolor black louis vuitton speedy)

    I emailed her and asked her if it really is authentic and then pointed out the reasons why it did not appear to be so.

    Has anyone else ever emailed a seller to tell them their bag was fake?
  2. sometime when I have time, most of the time just report it to Ebay..

    Some sellers got so mad and told me I don't know what I am talking about, I don't know LV blah..blah..LOL..
  3. I don't waste my time.
  4. The thing is I believe that modt of the time they do KNOW it is fake unless it was a gift. It is sad but nowadays you just can't trust many people that you do not know to tell you the truth.
  5. I hate it when sellers advertise a fake as an authentic and try to sell it for hundreds. I report those to ebay.
  6. I do it when I have time and when it really ticks me off...
  7. I usually just don't waste my time with it but I think I should start reporting it.
  8. i've reported it to ebay, and i've written to the highest bidder to let them know. i feel bad that some ppl don't know what they're bidding on. (esp. when it's getting very expensive.)
  9. I just report it..
  10. I've done it when people have bidded an extremely high amount and then I report it (I also tell them I'm reporting it)!
  11. I have done quite a few myself and never get a response.. To me that is total admission that they know its fake.. So I just hit the report button.. and it feels soooo good....
  12. I report the fakes to eBay. On two occassions I have emailed the seller. Both sellers denied their bags were fakes, yet eBay did remove the listings. Makes me sick everytime I see a fake bag on Ebay....knowing honest people are getting screwed over just so these dishonest sellers can make a buck.
  13. I was really gentle about the email when I did it. This was when I did not know much about LV and was a consumer thinking that the receipt that she would forward along with it would add to the bag's authenticity.

    Something like - -> I'm concerned about the authenticity of the bag, based on the receipt and the old dustcover.

    What I wanted: For the seller to suggest I go into LV with the bag and have it authenticated, and then I would happily go on my way.

    What I got: a nasty email from her about my economic status in society and I don't know LV, and that I should send her the bag back for a refund.

    In the end I believe the bag was Authentic, but who needs a seller like that.
    My question: where the heck did she get a real, new ManhattanGM and produce and wierd receipt and old dustcover? ?
  14. I report obvious fakes a lot to Ebay. I´ve e-mailed some sellers who have responded to my want it now-ad with a fake and got really nasty e-mails back. It baffles me.