ever do a 180?

  1. yesterday i passed an hermes boutique (i'm on the road) and in the window was a rouge h bag in clemence. finally got to see the color/leather combo irl. beautiful. i had always been very certain that rouge h went with gh. while this is still true, i was happy to discover that rouge h looks terrific with ph. just gorgeous.

    anyone else ever discover a misperception?
  2. All the time: GH, vache natural, box, indigo, etc. I can go on...
  3. Funny...I have rouge H in box with PH and wish it were GH!!
  4. This happens a lot, HH. I think I'm positive on something and WHAM! I'm bowled over by something else!!!!!
  5. Yes, I was dead sure that gold hardware would look too precious on fuschia, blue jean, or vert anis. It's not. It's gorgeous!
  6. well it's true, what i saw in the window was clemence, and some smaller togo items, in rouge h with ph.
    it seemed that the leather trumped the color perhaps and that's why the ph looked so great, even though the color was rouge h. i mean the leather was casual. i don't think ph is always casual though...
    oh... i don't know. lol
    gotta get to the airport.
  7. The hardware thing drives me nuts. I wish I could stick to one color of hardware. Rouge H w/ph sounds really modern...very edgy KWIM? A museum-type bag...must be gorgeous!!
  8. Shopmom, it's OK to love the Hermes you're with and still be attracted by the fruit of another.....

    ......or something....:p

    Unlike the one and only man:heart: in your life, you CAN love more than one Hermes:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: in more than one size, color, skin, hardware....
  9. I'm glad to hear that Rouge H clemence in PHW is gorgeous, as that is the very bag I have on order! I've been nervous ever since placing the order, as I wasn't sure I was going to love it.
  10. I agree...gorgeous color combination.
  11. I just did a 180 on vert olive. Before all the beauties started showing up on the board I couldn't imagine it looking good with anything but GH. Boy was I wrong, it just looks amazing with PH :love:
  12. icechick that's a good one. you're right! i did a 180 on that one too.
  13. Yes. I used to think Gold Togo + PHW. Now I think Gold Togo looks better with GHW.
  14. Afterwards it sounds like such a mental block because whenever I think about pairing olive with something, gray is always the first thing that comes to mind. And grey is pretty darn close to PH :p