Ever dismiss a bag once it's MFF???

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  1. UGH!!! OK, so I've wanted a tattersall heritage stripe tote for awhile. I wanted the one with the pink/magenta stripe down the center, and I wanted it for spring time!!!

    I was just waiting til' the right one showed up on Bonanzle/ebay and then I was going to POUNCE!!!

    Now I don't know what to do?! They have come out with a cute MFF version (in which I like the satchel better) but it's made me resent the darn thing!!!

    Now, I can appreciate the fact that I'd be able to snag the bag with ease because they'll be everywhere but that's also the PROBLEM!!!

    Now that there is a MFF version everyone and their dog is gonna have one for spring/summer and I don't want to be the one of many...I wanted to be one of FEW!!!

    So, has Coach ever kinda "burned" you on a bag simply by releasing a MFF version of it???

    Now I gotta figure out if I'm gonna bite the bullet and buy it along with every other Tom, Dick & Harry or go in search of greener pasture!!!

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  2. I, personally, would wait. I like that the original has the logo.
  3. I kinda hear what you are saying. Sometimes I really want to be exclusive with what I own. Thought the same when I got one of the mff pleated east west totes this past summer. Soon thereafter everyone and I mean everyone had one in an array of colors. For that reason and more I tend to stalk older bags and stick to past seasons. Less chances of everyone carrying the same thing. I only caved in recently with those MFF peytons. Those never came to my closest outlet for which I am still a bit grateful. Less folks will be seen carrying one.
  4. I don't mind having the same as others, but I'd hate to see myself on every corner, KWIM. I think I agree I'd be put off by the new turn of events.
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    I definitely hear what you are saying, but I'm finding (pleasantly) that many MFF remakes that I might have passed on previously are pretty decent "seconds," compared to the originals. I just bought 2 peytons (last week--gray patent boutique; this week--fuschia leather MFF), and the difference between the 2 seems negligible.

    I think that you have to take it on a case by case scenario. I don't own an original tattersal tote, but the differences between this new version and the original seem small (checked out this style yesterday, but haven't inspected closely, so I may be completely wrong there). I own 2 "original," heritage stripe totes, and I don't notice any significant difference between those and the newer, MFF ones).

    Sometimes, we just really need that first edition, but sometimes, the subsequent versions work just as well to meet our requirements. Up to you to decide which will be best for you! Good luck (and great question, as always!.
  6. I feel you, too. I was starting to feel that way when the MFF Peytons popped out b/c I like having that unique factor too. But the ones that came out are different colors than the ones I own, so it's not so bad.

    Another thing to note is that the color of the leather corners on the MFF bags aren't the same shade as the pink stripe that goes down the middle (I got a small tattersall bag off the 'bay last year and the stripe/corners match), and that kinda bothers my eyes. I'd say keep looking for an original one cuz I also really like the logo. But also, if you really really like the pattern (I love me some tattersall), then consider getting one regardless. In a year or so, you can keep rocking it and, by that time, everyone won't be using theirs at the same time.
  7. What is MFF?
  8. The MFF Zoe's are not nearly as nice as the original ones. I was carrying mine on Friday when I was at my outlet and did a comparison. Like mine so much better.
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    Does the MFF Heritage Stripe have Coach written in front of the bag in black script as opposed to the Horse and Buggy on the front of the made for Boutique version? If so I do like the factory version and if you like it you should get it.
  10. um...yeah. zoe. i agree with the above posting that the originals are a lot better quality than the mff's but those bags are EVERYWHERE! and i LOVED that bag. now i can't go anywhere without seeing at least one of them. since i see them all the time it makes me not want to carry the ones i have.
  11. I don't often like the MFF versions, but I LOVE the MFF tattersal HS tote -- I think they did an amazing job with this one. Actually, I like all of the MFF HS line and was really surprised when i first saw them because I thought they were boutique deletes. I couldn't tell the difference when I was looking at them.
  12. Made for Factory.

    OP- Since we don't have any outlets here in AZ, I haven't really been affected by the MFF bags. However, I am burnt out on Siggy fabric, so I totally get what you mean!
  13. This bag is my exact problem.. Actually the problem is this exact bag.. I really love it and I want it but the prices really expensive and the bag is rare... So when the MFF version came out I purchased the bag and all the accessories I was so excited I almost did a reveal but it did not feel right... I returned and purchased the Inlaid Peyton in Melon...

    I just wanted the FP one... and I would be happy to carry the FP price even if eveyone is carring the MFF one because I just find this one so lovely and great quality..
  14. So, has Coach ever kinda "burned" you on a bag simply by releasing a MFF version of it???

    Now I gotta figure out if I'm gonna bite the bullet and buy it along with every other Tom, Dick & Harry or go in search of greener pasture!!![/QUOTE]

    No, Coach has never "burned" me by releasing a made for Factory version of a bag. I have found alot of bags I would not have found otherwise. I also own alot of Orignal Boutique bags and like that Coach releases made for Factory for people who missed the original version of the bag. Let's face it Coach is mainstream and everywhere. If you want a bag that is not carried by everyone than you should not carry Coach. If I like a bag I carry it and I don't really care who else has it. When I carry it I make it my own.

    That being said I am buying some more High end brands of bags like Mulberry and Balenciaga. I rarely see somoene with those bags. I like that it does not scream out any brand. I still like Coach though and will continue to buy Coach.
  15. It really doesn't bother me to see others carrying the same bag as me. I don't have anything against MFF bags either, as long as they look and feel close to the same quality as the FP version.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of the Tattersal line (FP or MFF). But, I did go over and touch one of the MFF bags yesterday at one of the outlets. The leather felt overly stiff to me. Maybe this is how the FP line felt, but it just didn't feel as nice and rich as some of the other FP leather bags I've bought or looked at.