ever dialed 911?

  1. Personally, I haven't!
    Except when I was 15, staying at a hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was supposed to be calling room service for lunch, and accidentally hit the 911 emergency button, as soon as they picked up and I discovered it was NOT room service I hung up scared! They called back within two seconds, and I was at a loss for words as to why I called so I quickly said, sorry that was my son! hahaha.
    Also, when my family and I were bucked off horses on the Grand Canyon trail rides. My brother and my dad got seriously injured and slid down the side of a canyon! very very scary.. =airlifted!!!

    You:: Any experiences/emergencies when you had to call 911?
    (feel no obligation to answer if its personal!!!)
  2. i actually called 911 twice

    the first time i was trying to get help from a scary bf & no one answered!
    the second time i needed to be put through to my local police (again i needed help from same scary bf)

    i never had to call for something really serious.. thank goodness
  3. Husband was in anaphylactic shock. Panicked and yelled up to him- I can't find the 11 key. He is now fine has never let me forget this minor detail.

    Second time was travelling through airport. Let the kids play "office" at the payphones. Youngest dialed 911 and we were visited by the airport police.
  4. I've called twice. Once when a classmate of mine passed out in class and the second when my bf and I saw someone breaking into a car in the parking lot near our building. Cops never came the second time. Go figure.
  5. I called once to report an agressive driver and got yelled at by the guy on the phone who told me to just focus on driving and let the cops handle agressive drivers.

    I'm never calling again. My state has a private ambulance service anyways, and I've programmed the number into my cell.
  6. Yes, when we burglarized :sad:
  7. quite a few times and every time I have had the very best responders you could ever ask for. I TG for them
  8. I witnessed a hit and run accident years ago. There was a bridal party crossing the street after the wedding to go the bar. Someone hit one of the bridesmaids and kept going. They didn't even brake and were going like 70 mph. It was terrible- she was in her bridesmaids dress and everything. But she lived- iit was in the newspaper.
  9. Almost. I used to live somewhere where the people above would have rare but really loud gatherings. There was loud yelling that woke me up and stuff like that. Once a fight broke out upstairs and it went all the way to the outside. I was so close in dialing 911 that time. I think another neighbor did. I saw a cop car eventually but that was like 5 minutes after the incident.
  10. Yes.. when my apartment was robbed.
  11. Yes ALOT.
    Once was a horrible one though,....we heard shots fired and saw someone run away (I'm never living in a "revitalization" neighborhood again!) and then come back. So we call again and give a description. Then we hear 5 more shots in front of our house (2 cars facing each other and were firing at each other). I was on the floor, as flat as I could possibly be yelling at the 911 operator.
    We then turned on our police scanner - after the cars sped away -(a must where we used to live) and the 911 operator gave the cops the wrong info (said a man ran into a house when we clearly said he ran OUT of the house)
    They showed up 10 minutes later, shone their flashlights and left.
    Guess they thought "humph, this neighborhood..what do you expect"

    I think police do an exceptional job....this one time was an exception.
  12. I called once...my DH was out of town...and I was sleeping in our bedroom with my 3 kids...all under 5 years old. My alarm was set, and started to go off with the major alarm, which meant that a door had been opened...then I heard the door at the end of my hallway slam shut...I was petrified. I called 911, and made the operator stay on the phone with me...it took 19 minutes for the police to arrive...and I spent the whole time looking at the sliver of light under my bedroom door, just waiting to see a shadow in front of it. I felt helpless to protect the kids...and went and got a bottle of hairspray and a lighter...my Dh asked me if I planned on seting them on fire...or offering them a smoke and an updo!! Anyway...it turned out the door had not been properly shut...wind had blown it open, and slammed the other door shut....but I was TERRIFIED!!!!! Scariest and most helpless 20 minutes of my life!!
  13. Yes, I've actually had to call 911 three times in the last three months.

    The first time was when we were at the first rest stop over the state line in Alabama on our way to Florida. Someone got into a horrible car accident right in the lane to get into the rest stop. Our whole family used the facilities, which took a while, and there were still no cops or ambulances by the time we were leaving.

    Then a few weeks later, in Florida, an older woman just plowed right into this man on a bicycle, and luckily she stopped. She actually couldn't have driven away if she wanted to, as the man's bicycle was totally underneath her car. He was hurt pretty bad, and it turns out he was staying at the resort right across the street from my house. The cops showed up in under a minute.

    Two weeks ago, I called 911 again. I live directly behind a bar (which absolutely sucks, because where I live is full of tourists, and they get drunk and loud without thinking that there are actually people who live here and who will be disturbed at 2 a.m. with their obnoxiousness...)Anyway, there was a huge exploding sound that sounded like it came from behind the bar and woke me from a dead sleep. I didn't know what it was, and I was scared that if it was some kind of weird explosion that my house would burn down, so I called 911. It turned out to be a blown transformer across the street, and then I felt like an idiot.

    I wanted to call 911 the night a drunk man at the bar threw his cell phone over the fence and it hit my bedroom window, but I didn't. Instead I just took his phone.
  14. Yes twice. Once when I saw a man passed out on the side of the road suring rush hour (911 said no one else had called :wtf:) and a few weeks ago when my carbon monoxide detector went off at 5 am.
  15. Yes, I had to call once.

    My grandfather had fainted so my parents told me to call since their English was not the best. The paramedics eventually came and I had to ride with them to the hospital. Something very embarassing happened however, I was so stressed out and worried that when the receptionist asked for my grandfather's name my mind went blank. The guy was a total jerk about it but about a minute later I recovered and remembered his name. Weirdest experience ever, never figured I would forget his name.

    btw what's with all this i'm goign to be an auntie stuff under peoples names?