Ever damage your Hermes??

  1. Man.......I just managed to break my beautiful Africa "Lioness" Breakfast Cup.......not having a good week........

    (the tea managed to soak the white wool blanket I just had dry-cleaned, too - ugh!)...

    Ever damaged any of your Hermes items? I remember the very first scratch on my Box Kelly, but that was minor, as I knew about the whole "patina" thing.......:crybaby:
  2. Well, GF (and I'm so glad you're still with us), this may not be too responsive to your question but on Saturday I took a bad fall, breaking my left arm in two places (my first ever broken bone- I don't recommend it as it's been the worst pain I've ever had in my life). In the process I assumed I must have damaged my Kelly when it went sliding across the floor as I went thud.

    I don't know how it happened but the Hermes gods were with me because although I'm something of a wreck-- arm in sling, lots of discomfort and horrible inconvenience not being able to write or drive etc. for six weeks while the fractures heal-- the Kelly has barely more than a scratch or two. Unbelievable.
  3. Oh sweetie......it seems like everyone i know is having a rough week this week. I just looked at my beloved Lilac Vision Agenda and I notice a nice,long ink mark running almost from side to side! That and the fact that there's dirt smudges everywhere and this is NOT patina.....

    So (big heaving sigh) I know how ya feel. BTW, I love their breakfast cups.....I love a large cup and saucer for my morning cups of coffee....and the pattern you have is just lovely too!

    I think I'm gonna pour a big old glass of wine and sit in the yard for a few....
  4. How awful, GF. Now you not only lose the lovely cup, you have to clean the mess. :sad:

    So far, I've only had minor scuffs on the corners of the JPG, inevitable because walking around with that trailer truck of a bag on my shoulder => bumping into people and things.
  5. Whoa, Tax! I take my post back!!!!! I sound like a major WHINER in the face of your broken bone! You must be in a lot of pain right about now.....and to be out of commission for 6 weeks????? Yikes.....
  6. oh! TV!! You poor thing!

    Well, one good thing - you'll be here a lot to chat!!

    Get Well soon.....I can empathise - I have broken a total of 12 bones in my poor body (Polo)......it hurts!

    Glad to hear Kelly is OK, though!
  7. shop- It's amazing because while I'm in almost no discomfort just sitting down, standing etc. if I move even slightly in the wrong way the pain becomes excrutiating. I broke my humerus (DH who's been terrifically supportive says that means I now have a cracked sense of humor) and because it's so high up near the shoulder they can't use a cast. The good news is the new man in my life-- my orthopedist-- says it won't require surgery. I'd just purchased a new pocketsquare (Brazil) before this happened and it was the only pleasant thing running through my head while in the ER for six hours Saturday afternoon/evening.
  8. Shopmom......THAT SUCKS! Bloody Pen marks...my wallet is a pale blue LV (don't know the name or anything)...FILTHY!! and red pen, too......it really sucks......
  9. Oh TV - how are you managing to type all this while in a a sling AND in pain? TPF must be more addictive than I thought.

    Speedy exit from the pain realms...
  10. hey wong - I can breastfeed and type!! No uppercase letters, and plenty of typos, though!
  11. LMAO!

    It's called baby training!

    Never gone through that myself, but those who have seem to be able to do the most amazing things with one hand. Of the "don't try this at home, kids" variety.
  12. Wong- I broke my left arm and I'm left handed. Ugh! I'm hunting and pecking with my right hand. Actually I no longer call it my right hand- just my hand. )

    I literally came home from the ER and checked the forum before taking pain medication and going off to bed. I fear addiction (to this forum not the pain pills) is setting in!
  13. TV - you ned to use an Hermes scarf like Grace Kelly did when she broke her arm!!

    Is it your right or left? Are you left or right handed?

    SHall I stop asking questions so you don't have to type?????
  14. AH! lefty! We posted at the same time!
  15. I vote we all go with shopmom's suggestion of a big glass of wine to ease things. Although maybe for TV not so - we don't want to see what she's gonna type when the alcohol and painkillers (and her right-handed typing) mix!

    I'd join shopmom for the wine except it's not even 9am here and I need to scoot and be superefficient today. Darn!