Ever cried over Louis Vuitton?

  1. Has Louis Vuitton ever made you cry?

    Once I got a big pen mark on my wallet and cried for 20 minutes. :sad:
  2. I worry when I think I've lost an LV (I'm not very good at keeping track of things :sweatdrop: -you don't want to know how many house keys I've gone through) but I've never cried over an LV.
  3. not yet...
  4. I do have to admit that when my speedy was about 3 weeks old I spilled red wine on it (I can almost hear the gasps) and I was very close to crying. The wine also spilled all over the rug and other things but I didn't care about that - I just totally freaked out and picked up my bag like I had dropped a baby! I might have had tears in my eyes! I ran to my computer and came to this site and got all the advice I could get. Luckily it was a happy ending and my speedy is fine.
  5. Not yet but I've gotten wet for my purses. When it rains, I let them have most of the umbrella, and if I don't carry an umbrella, I tuck them inside my jacket :biggrin:
  6. Not yet lol and I hope I never will!
  7. ^^ sounds pretty familiar to me! i've done that myself :roflmfao:
  8. Sammy1789.jpg

    Do tears of happiness count?
  9. Um I must admit, I did last year when I was negotiating with the seller on eBay who hadn't listed their peach Graffiti pochette (the auction for the Speedy said to inquire about the pochette). So I was in the midst of emailing them about payment type etc. and that SAME day, they listed it for a STEAL of a Buy it Now (the same price we were discussing) and it sold. I was SO upset, the guy KNEW I was going to buy it, yet he listed it anyway and sold it to someone else. UGH.
  10. I was thinking the same thing!?! lol

    My DH has me on video with tears streaming down my face the opening the box containing my Cerises speedy. I dont know why. Chicks do dumb stuff like that occasionally? lol
    How embarrassing but it is honestly one of my fondest LV memories.
    He was excited too, obviously, since he had the video cam out for a bag arrival. LOL

    It was one of my first LVs bought straight from the boutique and my most expensive at that time I think. I had been told by the boutique I was too far down the waiting list to get a bag probably. I had been so distraught for so long. Then it arrived!
  11. Only tears of happiness when I got my Mono Speedy!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. I would cry too Becca!! Geeze how mean!
    I negotiated with a girl about a pair of shoes like that this week. Committed to buy, bought the money order, but she left it on auction with a buy it now despite saying we had a deal. I just knew that would happen so I told her to shove it. lol
  13. I know! I was so upset..I found another one a couple of weeks later but seriously, I was just about to send my payment off through paypal and I saw the bag as "ended" in my watch list because someone bought it. I sent that guy an angry email and he really could have cared less. IDIOT.

    And lol...oh well. It's probably better that you didn't deal with her then. Yeesh. :push:
  14. Does getting in trouble for BUYING a Vuitton count??? haha
  15. I cried when someone stole my Monogram Canvas Etui Widescreen iPod case last week! :crybaby: I'm kinda over it now though. :hrmm: