Ever come across "reeluvs2sell"?

  1. Have you ever deal with this ebayer, reeluvs2sell??
    About to spend some serious money so just wanna make sure..Thankx!
  2. what specific are you asking? Experiences or authenticity?
  3. Authenticity mostly but any experience to share would be great too!
  4. I'll move to Authenticate This for you then:yes:
    Good luck, hope you get some useful info!
  5. Hi there!
    I thought the name sounded really familiar so I went through my history- turns out I did in fact buy a bag from her in the past. I was thrilled with her customer service and the item was absolutely authentic. Hope this helps!
  6. Thank u stylefly!
    Was the item you bough from her valuable though?I have to be really sure as I'm about to send some serious dough!!
  7. Yes, of course, it was about $1600. I just peeked at her auctions and they are both authentic Chanel. She also has 500+ positive feedback, many of which are for authentic designer goods so I think you're in good hands there. Good luck!
  8. Thank you stylefly for sharing!