Ever-changing LV collection.....

  1. I find that my LV collection never really gets to where I feel it's complete. I have bought and sold so many LVs in the search for the collection that's just right. I was in a phase where I would only buy used LV because I felt it was such a better deal, however, recently, my opinion has really changed on that. After buying speedy after mono speedy on eBay and never really being happy (although they were all in decent shape and authentic), I just felt no real connection to the bags, and there was just something about them that didn't feel right. Finally, in early August, I decided to just go to LV (my first trip in a while) and purchase a brand new mono speedy 30 again (I had a new one that I had sold years ago). I picked her out from several that the SA showed me, and the feeling was pretty amazing! I feel a greater attachment to my brand new bags for some reason, like they were meant for me!

    Shortly after, I purchased a new neverfull mm from Elux, and love it too. Finally, I decided to purchase a bag that I used to have and sold (because I was moving and needed the money at the time), the MC white speedy. This, I did get on eBay, but I found the one that had the exact color scheme that I wanted, so I feel that she was made for me, even though I'm not her first owner. She's in beautiful condition. My most recent purchase was a perfo speedy in green from eBay also, since I recently fell in love with perfo after hating it for some time, and panicked when I found out they are not being made anymore. I finally feel that these bags all really suit me, that they are all bags that I really love, rather than bags I couldn't pass up on ebay because they were good deals. Now, I think I need two more pieces to satisfy me for a while: a damier bag and a damier azur bag. I've never had anything from either line. I kind of want them both in speedies, but since I already have 3 speedies, I think that I should probably get them in something else. Anyway, I'm currently selling some of my previous ebay purchases that have fallen from my favor, and once I can get them off my hands (and possibly get those damier and damier azur pieces), I will finally be pretty content with my LV collection....I think!!!!

    Just wondering whether most of you buy and sell often, or if you hold onto your bags for a while, or if you always keep what you get and keep adding......how do your collections evolve?

    If I can figure out how to post pics, I will post a pic of my little collection (minus my mono wallet and make-up bag) and a pic of my current collection including the ones I'm trying to sell on ebay. I hope I can figure it out...:rolleyes:
  2. I'm so glad to hear that you are finally happy with your collection! I have definitely gone through the same kind of thing...where I buy things just because they're good deals at the time and I can't "pass them up"...or I convince myself that I like something that's popular and then end up regretting it. But I think I'm also finally getting to the point where I'm happy with my collection...before I bought something then sold it, and it was an endless cycle. Congrats! I'd love to see a pic! (just hit the 'go advanced' button and scroll down to the upload pics section)
  3. I'm like you. I don't like used bags from ebay, as their history is not with me!! I prefer them new (and prefer that I get them as gifts, lol !!).
    I did buy a bag off ebay, but it was barely used, and the seller was desperate.
  4. I have kept all my LV bags and accessories that I have purchased and I don't plan on selling any of them at all --- all have been bought brand new at the boutiques near where I live. I have 4 LV stores to choose from, but mostly go to the one in Bloomingdales in South Coast Plaza and the one in Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island. I've only been into LV for less that 2 years, but what I've bought, I've put a lot of thought and research into it so I would be happy with them overall and so that I would use them for many, many years to come.

    Because I've purchased new, I've always felt a connection to my bags --- lol --- like an addition to the family or something crazy like that. I usually follow a rule of having one major bag from each line that I like and I don't like to duplicate the same line even though the bags look different, such has having 2 monos or 2 damier ebenes, etc. The only exception to this rule is if the bag is LE --- for example, I have a monogram Multipli-Cite and then recently I purchased the Monogram Mirage Speedy in bordeaux --- or if the bag is a Suhali Le Fab (LOL --- I would get that in all colors!).

    My collection is still evolving, although I am feeling good at knowing that I am getting close to what I feel is perfect for me and will probably purchase only LEs from then on.

    Good luck with collection --- I hope you find joy in all your bags!
  5. ^ Same here. It's tempting for me to buy something used on eBay at great prices but I wouldn't feel the same way as buying a new one at a boutique. So far all my LVs are bought in store. To me it's an achievement an a privelege. Each piece I buy proves how hard I work for my money to pay for the things I want in life.
  6. Ok.....here are my babies. One pic shows all of the LV bags I currently own, and the other shows the ones I intend to keep. Wouldn't something in damier and damier azur look nice in there? ;)
    Current LVs 9.23resize.jpg Current LVS even for sales 9.23resize.jpg
  7. Wow ... nice collection, love the purple LV's on your mc speedy.
  8. Ok....here's the full collection that I intend to keep, including my wallet and cosmetic bag. I thought I'd give you a little peek of the pretty green interior on the perfo this time too! lol I love LV! :yahoo:
    Collection 001.jpg
  9. My collection does change too! I am at a point now that I can't sell any of them, or at least I don't want to sell any of them. I do buy from ebay, but I usually resell within a few months as I am not always happy with a used bag either! Great collection too!
  10. Great collection! Thanks for posting :smile:
  11. Great collection!!
  12. i'm at a completed collection stage i have a bag for every need now so i wont be adding any more bags (hopfully until newer bags come out) and would probably let go of 1 or 2 that i rarely use, but i'm happy with my collection!! [=
  13. Hmm.. I can't afford to buy brand new at the boutique, and in any case my deal-hunting bones would be jangling at the thought because the same item (with a bit of hunting) might be found much cheaper on ebay! Plus I love the thrill of the chase..! :graucho:

    I'm a bit different too though and don't mind that I haven't bought it brand new. I like the history of a bag, and actually like too that it's had a past life. It gives the bag more it's own personality (purseonality?) IMO, and it's interesting to wonder where it used to live, what that city and that person's life is like. I'd love to buy a big ol' trunk one day.. not a perfect one, but one that's been places, seen things. Been a part of some other life somewhere, and is now a part of mine. I guess because a big part of my attraction to LV is it's long history and iconic status, these feelings are a reflection of that.

    Or.. maybe that's just me.. I am a bit odd.. :blink:
  14. Nah Frankie, I don't think you are odd at all. Most of my LV purchases were bought second hand for dollar issues. When I get a chance I may sell a couple that I don't think fit in with my wardrobe as I went a bit manic and bought, bought, bought.
  15. Great Collection.