Ever carry a purse so you don't look like a A$$??

  1. Okay tis is the deal. I really wanted a purse and wallet last year, then it sold out. I found it this month on eBay and convinced my DH that I had to have it!!! I really like the look etc but its so hard to get in and out of. I am only carrying it now because I don't want DH to know that I don't like it. I don't want to feel like a A$$ because I just convinced him that I NEEDED it, wouldn't want another for awhile etc. What is a girl to do
  2. Which purse?
  3. The large soho flap.
  4. That is the story of my life.....Big joke around here that I carry a purse a month and get sick of it. It isn't that I am sick of it, it is that I don't realize until I carry it awhile that I don't like it.
  5. It's better to be honest, if it's really a pain to use. Can you say that you still love it's look, and really appreciate it being given to you :heart:, but it isn't quite practical in person? Then maybe offer to sell it on eBay and research together what may be better for you :okay:

    A little embarrassment may lead to a bag you will truly love :love:
  6. ITA and if that doesn't work, try creating a comparison using one of his hobbies, obsessons, etc. This sometimes works for dh when he has something to compare it to because purses are a mystery to most men.
  7. ditto....for a while I was going through this too! I just can't seem to find my "perfect" bag. Every bag I try has something about it I don't like once I start using it. :sad: I finally just settled on my shoulder flap because the cycle of "buying, returning, exchanging and/or selling" gets to be ridiculous after a while not to mention costly.:push: I LOVE everything about my shoulder flap EXCEPT the flap. I'm just not into flaps but everything else about this bag is perfect for me. SO...this has been my bag since Nov. 1. I finally had to say "enough is enough! ". Now I'm just going to buy a new everyday bag every season (during PCE). I think thats the smart thing to do. :tup:
  8. Well I have convinced DH that this is my "last one" atleast for a while.. lol he just laughs and says "yeah right" Then I say.. "no really!" and he is always right. :rolleyes: My dh doesn't care too much because I have always returned or sold them to get the new one, but there was a point it was getting out of control. I am in recovery as we speak. :upsidedown:
  9. i bought the large soho flap and foudn it is cute but not practical still carry occassionalyl so as not to loose face w dh!
  10. I used to do that - just buy as the mood would strike, but I got tired (and embarassed!) of exchanging, so I think that made me think first and purchase with my head, not my heart. I just love the look of some bags, but know that they are not for me. In the past I would buy them anyway, thinking I would be able to make it work, but in the end that never happens. I've also learned not to settle. If there is something I like, but another that I LOVE but is harder to get/more $$/etc, I will find a way to get the LOVE - it just turns out to be cheaper in the long run, and is always the right choice.
  11. Sometimes you just can't tell whether the bag you bought is really what you wanted because you have to use it in order to find out! But one can't really stay in the shop and say okay, I'll will carry the bag in the next two or three hours and pack and unpack and re-pack it to see if that's what I wanted!
    The sas would just go mad...
    Same thing happens with shoes, they may be comfortable for five or ten minutes but not anymore after a three hours' walk...:cursing:
  12. I often get bags and then determine they aren't right for me for one reason or another. I never carry them until I am Positive they're keepers. However, if I did carry one and then decide it wasn't working for me, I think I'd see if I could sell it and get something I really loved.