Ever buy a bag...(Coach of course)....

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  1. that you really are unsure about... be it color, size, style... but you buy it anyways (for whatever reason) and find that you LOVE IT????

    I bought the Poppy Spotlight Tote in BRIGHT (and I do mean BRIGHT) Magenta Pink Patent Leather....

    I really was unsure about this Bag... I took a look at the SpotLight Totes in the Full Price Store, but not in this color.. I was looking at the Black... and said "nah, not for me"... and walked away..

    Not even sure what prompted me to buy her at the Outlet the other day... She was Bright ... Shiny... and there were only 2 of them (there were more a few days before and I had looked at her... but she wasn't calling to me then)....
    and she was screaming my name... Not entirely sure why...

    I bought her... and now... I LOVE HER... she is comfortable, just roomy enough, holds everything I need to take to work (and then some) and I love the flash of color... I really do....

    Anyone else ever do the same?? Buy a bag you just are not all that sure about and <BAM> she turns out to be PERFECT????
  2. I really wanted a black satin amanda satchel last year and when i finally got it, its been sitting in a dustbag with the tags still on it since last April. I just wasn't feeling it and kinda forgot about it the other day. Then i pulled it out and did some poses in the mirror and i think i might (maybe!) cut the tags off and use it!

    i felt this way about the zoe at first, i was like ew whats so special about them? its basically the same as the carly....then i got one, and LOVED HER!!!!! i dont want to switch out of her!
  4. That's how I was with sabrina. She was so pretty, I didn't want to take her anywhere...then after talking to a few people here....BAM...I use her and the two others I recently got!
  5. Wow, you read my mind..Thats what happened with my new Zoe...They have been around for awhile and there are Alot of Zoe lovers here...But for the longest time, I said no, not for me...Then Bam, I got her and I love her more than Any of my bags.....:yahoo:
  6. Omg, I just said the same thing ...I love this bag, I can't get enough of her...So functional and comfy!!!!!I can't believe it took me so long, but I was not feeling the Zoe, then...I think it takes buying a bag, then falling in Love after.....:P
  7. user215093_pic48943_1263608314[1].jpg

    My Peyton Inlaid in Mellon... I was so ifish but the second I wore her I was done for...

    Great thread Tamy...
  8. My Maggie! I HATED her as a bag for myself, totally not me, passed it by a million times. Then when my Mom couldn't wear hers that I got her for Christmas, she gave her to me to return or exchange. I put my stuff in her and it was true love.

    It organizes my baby stuff, with a section for only my stuff and she looks so pretty all dressed up! It's just perfect.
  9. and I agree it is BRIGHT! I saw it yesterday and omg.. :nuts: but the style of the bag is :yahoo:Im on the fence about mine that I bought yesterday so the tags havent been removed...
  10. This is what happened between me and the Parker Hippie. I went to the boutique with PCE and intended to buy a different bag. When I was unable to order it, I was pretty upset. I really wanted to buy a bag that day so I saw the Hippie that everyone was raving about and bought it. I bought it in black. I went home pretty certain I would return it or exchange it later on for something else, but something compelled me to cut the tags off and put my stuff in it. I wore it out later that day and was IN LOVE!!! I could not believe how awesome crossbody bags were. Now I swear by crossbody bags.
  11. I also love the poppy spotlight tote (black patent). I looked at it in the store - passed and kept looking. My dh brought it down and said he liked the poppy. As soon as I put it on, WOW! I loved it! It's totally soft and smooshy and fits cross-body. What else is there??:yahoo:
  12. Thats how I was with my HS tote. I normally only buy leather and really don't care for siggy stuff so this was a no go for TWO reasons for me but I found one for a steal and I LOVE that bag. I use it a lot!
  13. Hi Great thread!!!!

    I have done this with at least three bags!!!!! I looked on Coach.com and Nordstrom.com and drooled over the Red Patent Peyton!!! I debated and debated!!! I saw her IRL and loved her!!!! I ordered her from Nordstrom last year!!!! She is the best!!!! When the Cobalt Maggie came out, I passed on her at first and then finally broke down (after all the chatter on TPF) and got her as well!!! The last one is Sabrina!!! I did buy her and return her because even though I thought she was cute, I thought she looks like a "duffle bag"! After again being on TPF and all the chatter of Sabrina - I broke down and rebought her at a better price - Tan Sabrina!!! I also found Ms. Plum Patent Sabrina at my outlet and cut off the tags right away!!!! She and Ms. Peyton are my favorites!!!!!

    (Isn't it funny how we refer to handbags as female and not it!!!!)LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  14. Sometimes it is the opposite. I get a bag that has been on my wishlist and I am so excited about it. Then when I try it on my shoulder and with my stuff in it... sadly it does not work out.

    The bags that surprised me was the Poppy Groovy and Madison hobo. They worked great for me and I thought they were too small.
  15. Yep did it with the Zoe, Hailey, and a few others. I think mine is due to being indecisive a lot!! But then I grow to love them.Also I wasn't sure about my Poppy Ombre hobo either and now I want it in another color.