Ever brought a bag because.......

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  1. Have you ever brought a bag that you saw on a celebrity first?

    I used to like one Kate Moss has but then after learning more about Chanel bags, I wouldn't get that style now.

    Also I saw a heart chain bag on Mischa Barton that I really love but no such luck in actually buying it yet, although I have been in two auctions for it already.
  2. I guess.

    I know some celebs have the same bag I have, but I'd never buy a bag because I saw it on a celeb.
  3. Celebs def have an influence on bag trends but for me personally, if it fits my style, then I get it - no matter who else carries it, loves it, or hates it.
  4. I tend to like the way Swanky Mama of Three put it - celebs have the same bag as I.

    And I have to agree with Alouette as well, I would not buy a bag because some undesirable celeb had it - if I really liked it.

    Case in point - I bought the white GST and then saw Pamela Anderson with a beige one. I liked it so much I got the beige....not so much because she had it - more because of seeing it in action...it called to me. hahaha.

    But don't they all. LOL!:yes:
  5. i haven't seen a bag i love( or own) carried by a celeb except the vintage cabas carried by céline dion
  6. Not exactly.

    I always "thought" I liked the Downtown (YSL) but after I saw a celeb (Jessica Biel??) carrying one, I was totally sold. It wasn't b/c it was her as Im not a fan but it made me think it could work IRL.
  7. Nope.
  8. I either like the bag or I don't. Seeing it on a celebrity makes no difference to me.
  9. ITA. =)
  10. Nahh..ill only buy a bag if I really love it.
  11. I love seeing pics of celeb with chanel bags, and when we happen to have the same bag the way they dress with their bag could be an inspiration. But I wouldn't buy a bag just coz it looks good on a celeb, the style and color must look good on ME and in terms of functionality it must work with my life style too.
  12. Sometimes you see new styles of bags first in celebrity photos -- because they get runway bags and bags before they are released worldwide. Sometimes I see a new bag in a photo I like -- not because a celebrity is carrying it (often I don't know who it is) -- but because it is beautiful. For example, the first time I "saw" the PNY expandable flap was in a photo of Charlotte Johanssen carrying a bordeaux colored one. I searched high and low only to find that Chanel never ended up releasing it in that color.
  13. As sad as it is for me to say, Heidi from "The Hills" is what attracted me to Chanel. I'm no fan of hers but seeing her with her black GST was what kept me watching the show. I had to see the bag in action, and that was how I fell in :heart:
  14. For me I might find out a bag b/c a celeb. is carrying it. But, I wouldn't buy it just b/c a celeb. has it.
  15. Me too . . . wouldn't buy one because it was a celeb, but may have seen a bag on someone and liked how it looked -- so actually most of my 'celebs' are on this board! :P