Ever break out from a product???

  1. I recently tried a new product and I developed one medium sized pimples on one cheek and two small ones on my other cheek. I'm not sure if this is because the product is causing me to breakout, or if my skin is purging.

    When you break out from a product, does your whole face get pimples or just certain areas? I know my pimples are a reaction to the product because I usually have flawless skin. I just want to know whether or not my face is breaking out, or just getting rid of all the old bad stuff. Help!
  2. Yup! When I first used Clinique a few years ago I started breaking out like crazy (but just on my forehead)! I'm sure it works for some people but it so wasn't for me. As soon as I switched brands though (I think I tried Shiseido next) I was fine.
  3. I had a facial the gal gave me some samples. Not sure if it was the facial or the samples but I had bumps on my face for three days. Ick.
  4. Not really...but heavy moisturizers give me bumps..
  5. i broke out really badly from Revlon liquid fdtn...argghhh
  6. Yes, going through that now w/Yonka creme for sensitive skin! I really think its the lotion since before that I was using Chanel sublimage w/no problems. I'm going to keep using for the next week though to give it a shot. WOndering if its meds I'm on
  7. You can test it by putting the product on your breast. I know that sounds funny, but that area is porous like your face is. If it was the product, it will probably happen there too.
  8. YES! I've sworn Mary Kay products off my life. They gave me the worst breakout I have ever had. Not just a couple pimples, nooooo. It was horrid.
  9. cliniques moisturisers, even for sensitive skin, always break me out without fail. :shrugs:
  10. DHC gave me the worst breakout of my life. Had to go to my dermatologist.
  11. La Mer foundation made me break out in both little and big pimples.
  12. I have very sensitive skin, and I tend to break out when products have fragrances in them. With that being said, I don't try many new products, I stick with the ones that I know are safe.
  13. i think i did after using QH Mint Julep several times.
  14. Me too but I can use its sun-block and I donno why?
  15. Mac foundations and powders...it's very cheap quality.