Ever bought sunglasses from somewhere besides Coach?

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  1. I fell in love with the Keri sunglasses at this store off of Hollywood Blvd but couldn't stomach the $$. Well I'm in therapy shopping mode and have decided I need them.
    I've seen them other places for a bit cheaper, but should I assume they aren't real?
  2. Depends on where you're seeing them. Coach sunglasses aren't faked as often as other brands but the fakes ARE still out there.
  3. I got my tortoise Sofias off ebay, and thankfully they're authentic. I also just recently realized that Macys and Dillards also sell Coach sunglasses.
  4. I've purchased Coach sunglasses at TJ Maxx. They were authentic.
  5. Off 5th, Nordstroms, Bloomies...
  6. Does anyone know what big US eyeglass stores or chains carry Coach frames? I love their sunnies but have to have prescription lenses.

  7. nordies rack! the best. but yeah off 5th has them:yahoo:, but nordies rack has the best selection sometimes:drool::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. thats awesome! :rolleyes:
    Which ones did you get; and do you remember how much they cost?
  9. I've gotten 3 pairs off ebay...paid less then retail, and they were auth. (I compared them to those in the store)

    believe one pair I bought came from nordstrom rack as it had the "R" etched into the metal arm on the inside.
  10. I'm too clumsy to have Coach sunglasses...I'd lose them, sit on them, drop them....so I'm wearing Fossil instead. If happen to drop them down a sewer I won't feel too bad. :roflmfao:
  11. I bought mine at Filene's Basement for $69, they are authentic, but they couldn't find the case, so I bid on one on Ebay. How could I own Coach sunglasses without the case! :smile:
  12. That's where I got mine. I hope to find another pair soon! They are usually $50 and they have their cases too!
  13. Off 5th has their Coach and other designer shades for about $50 or $60. I LOVE it! I got a pair of Gucci's there as well as some LV's and my all time favorite Chanels. I didn't see many Coach the last time I was there, but they did have a few pair.
  14. def off the 5th or nordstrom's rack.