ever bought something at saks and had it shipped

  1. and then returned it to a different Saks than you bought it from?

    can this be done?
  2. yes, this can be done. They will be totally fine with it.
  3. yes ! or you can just mail it in with the attached return shipping add. label
  4. Definitely. I've done it before. Just have the receipt with you when you return. I've even returned Saks.com stuff to the store. You should return under 60 days, however. 30days for sale stuff.
  5. Yea, you should be ok. Bring it to the customer service dpt with your receipt
  6. Yup..I bought on the website..and then sent my return to the the store where I knew had a bag I wanted..then the SA did an exchange!
  7. yes. depending on the sa, he/she might make you take it back to the dept. of the item instead of customer service. they made me run around last time i returned the Saks.com stuff.